What college hath wrought

HR writes indignantly:

How dare u call your self a Christian? I am ashamed to know you are affiliated with a belief system I hold very close to my heart. You are a bigot, a chauvinistic bastard, and a right-wing ignorant idiot. Thank God I can say I know better than to believe the filth you spew, and the incredible lies and horrible inaccuracies you speak of. Lord help you. I promise to pray for you.

Sincerely, a-very-grateful-to-not-know-you-personally blonde-with-a-bachelors

The frightening thing is that she’s probably an English major. What was the point of encouraging women to attend college if the long-term intention was to dumb it down to a point that would enable sufficient numbers of them to graduate?

She emails again:

You sit on your high horse and spew obsurdities like you actually know what you are talking about. Back up your falsities?! Right like you can prove we are better off with aborted Black babies?! so sad how much anger there is in your horrific claims of knowledge. Are you desperately attempting to reclaim what the world has so harshly taken from you? Do you really have that much repressed contempt for something that obviously you experienced in your past? wow I feel so sorry for you. To live your pathetic angry excuse for a life must be exhausting. Criticizing and attacking those you obviously dont have God’s compassion to empathize with, such sarcasm, such obvious sadness in your life….

I hope you sleep peacefully knowing those you have such hatered for are the ones who will stand with you in the end. Where is your love for fellow man? your compassion for those you apparently feel are less than you? You sound like a raving Nazi lunatic wannabe.

Sadly, HR misses the trifecta. We have Bitter, we have Fake Pity, but she totally fails to provide an accusation of sexual dissatisfaction. And how is it an expression of love for one’s fellow man to watch silently as he stumbles drunkenly towards an abyss?

Granted, it might be more polite to clear one’s throat and say, “do excuse me, Miss, but you appear to be rapidly destroying your own life and demolishing Western civilization to boot,” but the fact is that no one ever listens to such soft sweetly reasoned offerings. The harsh sarcasm may be a bit much, but it is a reasonable consequence of the realization that most people are completely incapable of learning not to touch the stove until they burn themselves, usually two or three times.

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