Even dumber than you’d think

This is amusing:

Those dumb feminists! At least they don’t believe japanese and chinese sprinters are as fast as….
05.03.06 – 4:04 pm

Ah, I see you get banned if you ridicule the idiot spacedbunny for her ridiculous japanese sprinter comments! The whole of blogland is laughing at you, Vox.
05.03.06 – 4:07 pm

Maybe they should start drafting some Japanese running backs – ha. Your wife is getting famous (infamous)
05.03.06 – 4:43 pm

So, not only does Qweerty suffer from reading comprehension problems – Spacebunny merely pointed out the IAAF world rankings that belied Qweerty’s baseless statement some months ago – but he is also obviously as clueless about 100m competition times as he is about IP addresses.

The whole of blogland is laughing, Qweerty/Kim/Claire/Jimbo? If so, you might want to consider the possibility that they are laughing at you.

It’s not the fact that he has an imaginary friend or two that is worrisome. It’s the fact that he has an imaginary girlfriend.

Blogging Against Disablism day

Lady Bracknell writes a lengthy and forthright screed against disabilism:

Start actively fighting for an end to disablism, and you will be knocked back more times than you are successful. You will have to fight the same battles over and over again. Your efforts will often be unappreciated not only by those with whom you are trying to negotiate, but even by some of those on whose behalf you are campaigning. But when it works – on those rare occasions when it actually works – I promise you that you’ll remember why you started doing it in the first place.

Word ’em up, sister. Why, I strike a blow against “treating disabled people in an unequal manner” every time I park my Porsche in a handicapped spot! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to know that I am making my own small contribution to society by fighting for equal rights for everyone.

So I’ll be sleeping well tonight

Four NFL sources confirmed the Vikings decided late Monday to part ways with personnel director Fran Foley, a day after he presided over a draft that has been widely criticized for several risky moves in the second round. But according to the sources, Foley’s demise was more attributable to an exaggerated résumé — which he revised April 21 after admitting four embellishments of his early work history — and concerns about his management style.

The Vikings have been nothing but one disaster after another for the last two years. Tice should have been fired a year before he was finally let go, then Scott Linehan could have been promoted and the Vikes would likely retained Daunte and Randy. Instead, we’re back where we were in 1997, with Brad Johnson at quarterback and no Randy, except we don’t have Cris Carter or Jake Reed either.

And while I’m glad that they managed to grab Tavaris Jackson, whom Phil Simms held in high regard, I would have preferred that they trade up to grab Jay Cutler. Unfortunately, Mike Shanahan appears to be operating at a rather higher level than the Vikings current brain trust.

In which a feminist learns heresy is not permitted

Caitlin Flanagan confesses her sin against the female fascists in Time:

I am a 44-year-old woman who grew up in Berkeley who has never once voted for a Republican, or crossed a picket line, or failed to send in a small check when the Doctors Without Borders envelope showed up. I believe that we should not have invaded Iraq, that we should have signed the Kyoto treaty, that the Starr Report was, in part, the result of a vast right-wing conspiracy. I believe that poverty is our most pressing issue and that we should be pouring money and energy into its eradication. I believe that allowing migrant women and children to die of thirst in American deserts is a moral transgression that will stain us forever.

But despite all that, there is apparently no room for me in the Democratic Party. In fact, I have spent much of the past week on a forced march to the G.O.P…..

Here’s why they’re after me: I have made a lifestyle choice that they can’t stand, and I’m not cowering in the closet because of it. I’m out, and I’m proud. I am a happy member of an exceedingly “traditional” family. I’m in charge of the house and the kids, my husband is in charge of the finances and the car maintenance, and we all go to church every Sunday.

Of course, this also explains why the Republicans are moving left as well. The good news is they can theoretically embrace a numerical majority of the voting populace. The bad news is that they are no longer a right-wing party.

It is something for young feminist college girls to consider, in the unlikely event that they ever bothers to question their beliefs. If those who have instilled equalitarian beliefs in young women are so viciously opposed to traditional morality, marriage and children, is adherence to those beliefs more likely or less likely to allow those women to live lives that are compatible with the three?

Mailvox: overrated NBA

The Baseball Savant refuses to limit himself to MLB:

To say that the USA didn’t medal is an indictment of something is preposterous. You are talking about a US team that didn’t feature Shaquille O’Neal, Kevin Garnett, Jason Kidd, Vince Carter, Elton Brand, Jermaine O’Neal, Ron Artest, Vince Carter, Richard Hamilton, Gilbert Arenus, Rasheed Wallace, Chauncey Billups or Tracy McGrady. To say the 2004 Olympic Team is a representation of USA Basketball is insane at the highest level. Not only that, but you also have to factor in the notion that this team was made up primarily of players coming out of the NBA season that practiced a week before the season against foreign teams playing with each other forever is nuts.

The European players that made it to the NBA are great no doubt, but would you take Yao over Shaq? [Vox – No] Dirk over Tim or Kevin? [Yes, right now] Nash over Kidd? [No] Diaw over Vinsanity? [Seven days a week and twice on TNT] I’m not saying the US shouldn’t have won the Gold Medal. They should have, but making a blanket statement about the NBA is nuts.

I think when the Dream Team 1 featured guys like Bird, Jordan, Magic, Malone, Stockton, etc. we showed the world just how amazing our basketball can be. To say that a team full of American guys couldn’t medal, while true in fact, is nuts.

It’s like saying Trent Dilfer is better than Peyton Manning because he’s wearing a ring.

First, I didn’t say they couldn’t medal, I said they DIDN’T medal, which was an obvious mistake since they took the bronze. (I was thinking of the 2002 World Championships when they finished sixth.) To argue that Shaq, KG and Kidd weren’t at the Olympics is somewhat disingenous, considering that Tim Duncan, AI, Shaun Marion, Lebron, Carmelo, Dwayne Wade and Carmelo were all there. Considering that neither Kidd nor KG have won anything in the NBA and that Shaq commits an offensive foul every time he touches the ball, I don’t think it’s possible to argue that the USA has maintained the basketball supremacy it once possessed.

Basketball is a team game, but the NBA variant is more of a two-man game. The Detroit Pistons have demonstrated that the team concept can still work there, but it’s interesting to note that they have had success without the Superstar+1 format that has been considered necessary since the end of the Bird-Magic era and with a team comprised mostly of cast-offs from other teams. Two of those Pistons you mentioned above weren’t even invited to join that Olympic squad because they weren’t considered good enough.

There is every indication that merely collecting the best players is no way to build a team. Real Madrid tried that with its galacticos strategy, but despite having half of the FIFA European Footballers of the Year of the last decade playing for them – Zidane, Figo, Beckham, Ronaldo, Owen – they’ve only won two of the last eight La Liga titles.

Sure, there were other problems, such as Larry Brown being spectacularly ill-suited to coach a team of favorites, especially a team with three young stars-in-the-making. But to deny that nations such as Argentina, Lithuania and Italy have made serious steps towards catching up with the USA in basketball is as silly as those Europeans who still think of the US national team as an easy opponent in the World Cup.

(That being said, Italy, Ghana and the Czech Republic is a tough, tough draw. Group A or Group B would have much easier, especially now that Wayne Rooney is out.)

Mailvox: if you catch me, I’ll confess

Noezoom manages to miss the point:

If you are aware of how little actual editing and fact-checking newspaper editors do… then this should shake the faith of all of those who believe so firmly in the religion of science.

newspaper editors do not have the authority to pass law in the religion of science (unless you’re defining the faithful as only those who casually follow scientific endeavors through common media outlets).

if anything, corrections and retractions should affirm faith in science because it shows that the self-correcting mechanisms are working.

No, but editors of scientific journals do and the New York Times stated that “journal editors are like newspaper editors” in that they simply don’t do any independent investigation of the submitted studies any more than a newspaper editor will go and interview the subjects of a submitted story.

The corrections and retractions don’t show that the self-correcting mechanisms are working, indeed, they show that the errors and falsehoods are so rampant and obvious that those outside the system are noticing them and calling attention to them. This is like arguing that the pedophile priest scandal should affirm faith in the Catholic Church. Retractions after getting publicly busted by outsiders is hardly a “self-correcting mechanism”.

By this strange definition, the justice system is a self-correcting mechanism for criminals. Where, exactly, does the “self” enter into the picture?