It’s really sad when you’re not even Internet tuff

What an unmitigated coward! After boldly declaring “I’m not running away. I’m in the mood for a fight. Bring it on.” Hutchinson responded to his 6th commenter thusly:

I think I read and comprehended what he wrote. At best, he is stupid. At worst, he was endorsing stuff that ranks among the most evil acts of history. Sorry, but there was no excuse for it. If you want to defend crap like that, there are other places to do so. But not here.

You think wrong, Chickenboy. But run away to Mommy, by all means. I’m sure she’ll tell you what a very brave boy you are.

Let’s just say I won’t be holding my breath waiting for a response to my earlier post.

And please notice something here. People only have the power over you that you give them. The truth is the truth. 10,000 bloggers and radio hosts declaring that a libertarian is a National Socialist will not make him one, anymore than their declaring 2+2=5 will make it so. Both the lesser and the greater truths will set you free, you have only to acknowledge and hold to them.

Michael Medved and the moronic imperative

Did I just hear Micheal Medved call you, Vox Day, by name and then refer to you as a Nazi-lover? That’s some rather negative mass advertising, Big Daddy. I hate hearing that. Some caller was referrring to your comments, don’t know who.

Why would it concern me? Michael Medved is an intellectual joke who wouldn’t know a National Socialist from a Volkswagen. We just dropped it like it’s hot, Michael, V-Dub! As I said previously, anyone who is capable of confusing a National Socialist with a libertarian is not capable of adult conversation.

Think of it as something akin to a minimum height at the amusement park. You must be smarter than X if you want to play.

Like most faux conservatives, Medved dislikes libertarians – or in his parlance, losertarians – so calling them Nazi-lovers is a temptation akin to a fat girl diving into her favorite ice cream. The fact that it makes no sense won’t trouble him at all, he’s in radio and no one will remember the words tomorrow, much less next week.

I also declined Mr. Colmes kind invitation and suggested that he simply read the column on the air and let everyone get worked up about it. I’m not interested, since producers are just doing their job in trolling for fodder for the daily Two Minute Hate. As I noted in my email, mere column reading seems to work well enough as outrage-generating material for that Air America lady. Considering that the radio crowd is arguably several points lower on the IQ scale than the Internet crowd, yesterday’s vapors tend to indicate that a reading in Mr. Colmes dulcet tones will inspire the desired Pavlovian reaction.

A literate leftist

MC writes:

I’m pretty much as left as left can be and I don’t know what anyone’s in a tizzy about. Please keep in mind that not all of us are reactionary enough to totally flip when we see “Nazi” used in a historical comparison. If they read the whole article they’d know that isn’t what you’re advocating. Besides, anyone who has Valis in their list of top ten books is OK by me.

That’s remarkably sober considering the next email I received from a purported producer at Fox News:

Alan Colmes is very interersted in discussing immigration and border security with you on his national radio show.

To which I replied:

Is this a joke or something? I’d strongly recommend re-reading the piece a little more closely before Mr. Colmes gets his panties in a bunch. It’s not anywhere nearly as controversial as the quasi-illiterates in the blogosphere seem to think.

Anyhow, I don’t do radio, except for the Northern Alliance. And considering Captain Ed’s position, perhaps not even that anymore.

If he wants a fight, I won’t disappoint him

Harold Hutchinson clearly harbors masochistic yearnings:

Let me lay this out front – this is the type of talk that leads people to ask questions about the opponents to the President’s plan. Questions about just what, exactly, it is they want. Questions about whether they went off their anti-psychotic medications – or need to be on them. Questions about just what the hell it is the really want. And the answer never come. They cry “race-baiting” and then claim that nobody wishes to debate them honestly.

The answers never come? Apparently you didn’t read past the mention of German history, or even manage to remember the title of the piece. Very well, shall repeat my desires for Mr. Hutchinson’s benefit. I want illegal aliens to return to their countries of origin. I don’t want a fence. I don’t want a national ID card, the Patriot Act or a Department of Homeland Security. I want the states and private land owners to protect their own land as they see fit without interference from the federal government. I want all social services limited to citizens of the sovereign states. I don’t want mass deportations by the federal government despite believing, contra President Bush’s assertions, that they are emininently practical, because they are unnecessary. I want proven illegals deported immediately.

Is that sufficiently clear, Mr. Hutchinson? Please note that I have not cried “race-baiting” and I am perfectly willing to school anyone who wishes to debate me honestly or otherwise.

I’m sorry, but this is the type of talk – and conduct – that has royally turned me off. What is just as bad is the fact that too many conservatives turn a blind eye to all of this. Other tacitly embrace it. Michelle Malkin, for instance, gives VDARE a one-day head start on her columns (as opposed to She has also approvingly cited Lawrence Auster and Steve Sailer. She recommends VDARE, despite the fact that it runs stuff from Jared Taylor, who happens to be buddy-buddy with the likes of David Duke and Don Black – the webmaster of Stormfront. See what founders of the site (no bastion of political correctness) had to say about Auster and Sailer. Decide for yourself if her claims that those who question these connections are engaged in mischaracterization, as she claimed during the controversy over the UAE’s ports deal, or if she has been turning a blind eye to some serious slime.

If you’re looking for me to defend Me So Michelle, well, you’ll have to look elsewhere. See the August archives for enough detail to make you cry…. I can’t say that turning on someone named Harold has ever been a particular goal of mine.

Do you even give a damn that he’s drawing upon Nazi Germany? Or do you not care as long as the checks clear? Do you really stand with all of this? Do you consider that sort of stuff acceptable? Michelle, do you believe in this stuff? As far as I am concerned, Michelle, Master Gunnery Sergeant Guadalupe Denogean is far more of an American than Taylor, Auster, and Sailer combined. He has certainly risked a lot more for this country and gave far more than Tom Tancredo ever has.

Since when did drawing upon the historical lessons of Germany, be it during the National Socialist era or the Teutoberger Wald era, become verboten? Does Mr. Hutchinson similarly avoid flying on jets because National Socialist scientists developed them? It’s also interesting to see how he is quantifying and ranking Americanness. Such fun! How do blacks rate, Harold? How about Jews with Israeli citizenship? Do you get an extra five points for supporting the Iraqi Occupation?

If it sounds like I’m in the mood for a fight, it’s because I am. I’m sick of being told that somehow, I believe in “post-America” and that my level of commitment to this country is no more than shacking up. I’ve had enough of the abuse that Malkin and others heap on me for not being quiet about the thoughts I have on this issue – all because I have disagreed with them. I’m not running away. I’m in the mood for a fight. Bring it on.

I’m curious to know how many immigrants are considered acceptable by the pro-immigration crowd. We know that 30 million Mexicans and others are acceptable to them, are 300 million Chinese similarly okay? At what point between 12 million immigrants and 300 million immigrants does racism begin? And precisely what quantity of immigrants will cause significant change in the American political system given our quasi-democratic system?

On a tangential note, one supportive reader pointed out that last night Dear Jorge boasted that six million immigrants had already been deported. It seems to me that he just shot himself in the tongue and proved my case that he was previously lying in one fell swoop.

Chicken or the egg

Sensing disaster after last night’s debacle, Jon Podhoretz suddenly starts talking sweet and cuddly:

The immigration debate is a very heated and passionate one, and the heat and passion on the part of those on the restrictionist side have been useful tools for pushing the conversation in your direction. But there’s a difference between heated disagreement and the insistence on lock-step uniformity. Suddenly, immigration restriction has become one of those issues about which one is not permitted to disagree, because to disagree is to join with the forces of Evil….

We are moving into very dangerous territory here — territory in which it has been declared that there is to be no debate, no discussion, and no heterodoxy any longer. This is how political-intellectual movements become diseased and sclerotic. This is how they die.

I’d argue that they die when they become hollowed-out shells of what they used to be, when they substitute pragmatism for principle, say black when they mean white and become indistinguishable from their nominal opposition. What Podhoretz is describing is a symptom, not a cause.

One of the saner critics

HB actually bothers to read before writing:

I think you may have mischaracterised some of the complaints that have been made about you. The real problem is, that if you advocate using Nazi methods, then people will make certain assumptions about you, namely that you are a Nazi. I’ve taken the trouble to actually read what you have written, and it is evidently not the case that you are an authoritarian, but even I was pretty surprised to see you suggest such, well, authoritarian measures. How accurate were the Nazis in their deportations?

Actually, I find that this is almost never the case. What assumption is made about one who advocates equal rights for all citizens, a generous provision for old age, the confiscation without compensation of land for communal purposes and the education of specially gifted children of poor parents, whatever their class or occupation, at the expense of the State?

I openly oppose all four policies. All four policies are explicitly National Socialist positions held by many Americans. Conclusion: many Americans are Nazi bastards!

I don’t support mass deportations because I believe they are unnecessary, given other measures that will provide sufficient incentive for illegals to deport themselves. Granting additional funding to state and local agencies on a per-illegal-identified basis for each illegal deported would likely suffice by itself. If each school teacher, nurse, social services or police officer received $500 per illegal reported and deported, we’d probably run out before Christmas*. And we probably wouldn’t spend $500 million, since 10 illegals leave for every one deported.

I am opposed to mass deportation, a border fence or a national ID card. However, I recognize that all three are completely possible and would work to end illegal immigration, unlike our president with the forked tongue. I simply believe that they would come at too high a price.

*Of course, human nature being what it is, it’s also likely that as soon as illegals are hard to come by, police officers would start turning in homeless Americans bribed to swear that they just arrived from Peru.

Mitchel Ahern, on the hand, didn’t so much bother:

Congratulations on being yet another Christian Nazi asshole. Fuck you and all your bullethead friends.

I do so enjoy watching men demonstrate their purity by the fervor of the condemnations. Shades of the Two-Minute Hate, ironically enough. America is still at war with Nazi Germany. America has always been at war with Nazi Germany.

Pretty much what I predicted

Derb sums up Dear Jorge’s speech:

Total blather, and insincere and dishonest to boot. Tried to give impression the govt. has been struggling with the issue for years. In fact they have done next to nothing. Elaborate schemes for new kinds of immigration categories (there are a dozen or more already!) and employee-verification schemes, when we all know the federal govt. couldn’t find its rear end with both hands. Complete gas. Nothing will come of this.

Well, nothing except Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008. Not exactly massive votes of confidence from many former Three Monkey Republicans here at National Review. As David Frum pointed out, this may be one of the few presidential speeches that result in lower poll ratings.

According to the Good Fraters, even Hugh Hewitt’s Three Monkey heart is breaking.

PC conservatives and the police state

It’s a shame that so soon after facing down the wrath of Canada, Captain Ed elects to align himself with the illiterate Left:

Unfortunately, while Bush underwhelmed the conservative movement on immigration tonight, certain conservatives busied themselves by embarrassing us much more than Bush could ever have. Vox Day, whose provocative writing I normally enjoy, has lost all sense of perspective in his latest effort at World Net Daily. He suggests that we learn a lesson from the Nazis in dealing with illegal immigrants in our midst:

So, there are no lessons to be learned from the National Socialists? Better disown our nuclear weapons program and NASA! Some of those combined arms military tactics look pretty suspicious too…. Considering how today’s Republicans have joined forces with the Democrats in enacting significant portions of the National Socialist domestic program, including a National ID card (tamper-proof!), the good Captain’s outrage is quite amusing.

George Bush could have asked for no better example why massive deportations are a political dead letter.

“I was especially disappointed that the president again pushed the canard that some want to round up all illegal aliens. There is not a single elected official in Washington proposing that.” – Congressman JD Hayworth on National Review Online

One has to marvel at the Captain’s statement here since it’s quite clearly President Bush that is the political dead letter. Mass deportations – which the literate grasped I neither favor nor believe necessary – poll better than Dear Jorge or his many amnesties.

Vox likes to take controversial positions, but this is just reprehensible. The Germans “rid” themselves of six million Jews by annihilating them through industrialized mass murder. In fact, a great many of them weren’t German at all and never spoke German or were assimilated into German society. A great deal of them were Poles, Russians, French, and so on, an inconvenient fact that renders his point moot. And how exactly did the Germans accomplish this feat that Vox finds so exemplary? They transformed Europe into a racist police state from the Pyrenees to the Caucasus.

How, precisely, is it reprehensible? Perhaps the Captain would care to instruct us on the proper use and misuse of historical German references.

Anyhow, Ed misses the forest for the sake of criticizing a tree – inaccurately. First, the fact that most of the Jews killed in the Holocaust weren’t German is precisely the reason that I said “many” Jews. Many |= Most. Second, does he wish to argue that Polish, Russian, French, Hungarian, Dutch and Italian Jews weren’t integrated into those societies and didn’t speak the language of their country of residence? Part of the shock and horror of the Shoah was the way in which people turned on their neighbors and acquaintances. Yes, there were also Jewish ghettos, to be sure, but perhaps my fellow Minnesotan is familiar with the term “barrio”….

Third, the National Socialists did not have to transform Europe into a racist police state to accomplish their murderous means, in fact, Vichy sent 12,884 Jews to the camps without being occupied, and in the case of more than four thousand children, without even being asked. The police state apparatus was often not required for the racial round-up, Europeans being Europeans, it was usually enough to post a letter telling everyone where to show up at the appointed time. With a few famous exceptions, such as in the case of the Warsaw Ghetto, there was little violence.

“Vichy eagerly participated in the Holocaust, for example with the July 16, 1942 rafle du Vel’d’Hiv, in which 12 884 Jews were arrested, inclduing 4 051 children which the German authorities had not asked for. They were anyway all sent to Drancy transit camp.”

And lest the Captain forget, he’s presumably the one who supports the War on Terror the Patriot Act, as well as the War on Drugs and its concomitant no-knock raids, property seizures, masked police, accidental killings and so forth, not me. Modern America doesn’t exactly boast an absence of police state trappings these days and I’m not among those who favor them.

Can we presume that Vox wants to offer that advice? Should Congress take up the Nuremberg Laws this session? This column is so ill-advised that it is difficult to imagine that a responsible news organization would not have attempted to keep the writer from discrediting himself before publishing it. Vox owes us an apology, and so does World Net Daily.

The Captain disingenously pretends that I have not given my advice already. Don’t build a fence. No National ID, tamper-proof or otherwise. Announce instant deportation of every illegal when arrested or otherwise found interacting with state or local authorities. Fine employers who employ illegals and offer bounties to workers who report violations to their local sheriff. Ban all social services to illegals. Encourage the Minutemen to patrol private property and support them instead of reporting their whereabouts to the Mexican authorities.

This will work, because 10 illegals will run south for every one caught and deported. This multiplier effect has already been documented in the deportation of Arab illegals after 9/11.

The ludicrous accusations of my desire to round up and deport illegals, much less massacre them, serve very well to demonstrate how many bloggers leap at the chance to indulge in hysterics and moral preening. They demand an apology? They’ll receive nothing but well-deserved contempt.