Abandoning the Democratic-Republicans

JU sees through the veil:

You are exactly correct. It amazes me how long the vast majority of Americans have been willing to “hang in there” as Pres. Bush packed dynamite around the Liberty Bell and the Statue of Liberty and poured carbolic acid on the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence!

Only now is there beginning to be heard across the land the voice of outrage at the traitorous, treacherous acts of GOP leaders. I figured it out in Feb 2005, shortly after I returned from a tour in Fallujah with the Marines. The contrast between what I knew was true and what Pres. Bush was doing to our Country was so immense that in utter disgust I threw in the towel and joined the Constitution Party.

If I never vote for another “winner” again on election day, at least I will have the small comfort of knowing I did not vote for the destruction of my childrens’ freedom!

There speaks a man who understands that he swore an oath to be faithful to the Constitution, not to a man, an administration or a political party.

Bring them home now

I would like there to be fewer dead American soldiers to remember on future Memorial Days:

Monthly US Casualties in Iraq

March 2003 267
March 2004 375
March 2005 407
March 2006 520

This is not exactly the sort of progression that was seen three months into the German, Japanese or Korean Occupations, let alone three years, even if the moving average has been declining after less bloody months like February (86 casualties).

I miss you, Gamp. I know you’re guarding those streets with a smile on your face, keeping out the riff-raff.