Sounds good to me

Italian Football Federation prosecutor Stefano Palazzi requested that champions Juventus should be sent down to Italy’s third division, and that AC Milan, Fiorentina and Lazio all be relegated to Serie B.

I think that’s a bit harsh on Fiorentina, which is struggling to make its way back from bankruptcy, but it won’t matter much for Milan since next year was looking difficult without Sheva anyhow. Gilardino It’s not as if Berlusconi is going to permit them to languish in Serie B for long.

Lazio deserves to be sent down simply for being a bunch of Fascists, and by Fascist I mean the literal Mussolini-style capital-F ideology of Giovanni Gentile Fascism, I’m not using it in the modern American sense of “people I neither like nor understand”.

It’s the thought of seeing Juve play in Serie C that enchants me so. I’ll delightedly go hours out of my way to see the insufferable Torino giants playing on patchy fields surrounded by rickety wooden stands that only hold 5,000 people. It’s just so fitting that their uniforms resemble prisonwear.

Busting these teams down is essentially just a mammoth fine. Neither Qaddafi’s son nor Berlusconi is going to stop playing top salaries, so both teams will be back on top of Serie A in the time it takes to play through the necessary season(s) and get promoted. But it has to be done, and if nothing else, the sting of the humiliation should last for some time.

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