Feminists against choice

It’s okay to murder a baby, as long as you don’t murder a baby for a disapproved reason:

Sex selection of babies for non-medical reasons is set to be outlawed in the UK under Government plans for a shake-up of embryology regulation. Health Minister Caroline Flint told MPs she was minded to introduce a “clear and specific ban” on the use of new techniques to choose one gender of baby.

Allowing parents to pick sex for reasons such as “balancing” the make-up of their family could be the start of a “slippery slope” to designer babies, she warned.

Never count on logic or consistency from a feminist, much less a group of them. The fact that she may be capable of it is no indication that she won’t abandon it the first time it happens to get in the way of what she wants at the moment.

You would think that free access to abortion would be the one thing that would never compromise on, until, of course, it became clear that those damnable Patriarchists* were capable of seducing strong, independent, but falsely conscious women into killing girl babies.

So, now that we’ve established that it’s acceptable to ban killing a baby because it’s a girl, how about we simply ban killing babies because they are human beings?

*I previously proved that feminists are anti-semitic, you may recall. There’s nothing they hate as much as a Patriarch.

Mailvox: the publishing game

Daniel asks for an update

You wrote about trying to get published in another genre a while ago. Did anything ever come of that?

I don’t think Daniel realizes just how slow the process is when you’re not A NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR!!!! But actually, it’s been going pretty well, although ironically it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to go quite as far afield as I’d intended.

I began writing a mystery set in Italy, which I think is promising. The only publisher with whom I’ve spoken about it is very interested, but they’re a European publisher and they don’t sign books based on the usual synopsis and three sample chapters. I figured I could have the first book done by this fall and was working towards that, but then I received an email from an American publisher last week who liked the EW stuff and was interested in receiving a proposal from me.

So I threw a few ideas together over the weekend, sent off the proposal and was pleasantly surprised to learn yesterday that the publisher liked it and is considering offering a three-book deal. It looks like they’ll make their final decision by the second week of August, so hopefully it will be a go. I’m also doing another article for a forthcoming Ben Bella anthology.

The Ferrari of feminism

The most astounding thing about feminists is not how they believe the personal is political, it’s how they regard the aggregate as personal:

I would add to Raza’s excellent observation that Materazzi employed the art of the practiced oppressive taunter, which is to create a aura of plausible deniability around himself while provoking his victim to react in a public way that’s sure to bring the criticism on the victim. I’m white and haven’t been on the receiving end of much racist taunting but I’ve been the victim of tons of sexual harassment in my time and 95% of it happens in just this fashion—the assailant creates a sense of privacy in some fashion, either by getting chummy or taking advantage of a situation where there’s either no witnesses or it’s so crowded that your reaction will disturb the peace, and then he drops the taunt, gropes or at worst rapes his victim.

From the Mondiale to rape in two sentences, while slipping in personal victimhood almost effortlessly along the way. Che forza! You have to hand it to her, she is the Ferrari of feminism. The most amusing thing is the way in which Amanda conveys her envy of those who have been the target of more racist taunting than her, (so sadly handicapped by her unfortunate Caucasian ancestry, oh, to be black!) and how she is quick to establish her cherished victimhood despite that sad dearth of desirable experience.

I am thinking of designing a game wherein women draw a card which contains a random subject. It’s like the Kevin Bacon game, except the object is to connect the subject drawn to oppression, or personal victimization (2x points) or rape (3x points) with the minimum number of links. Bonus points for relevant quotes from Friedan, MacKinnnon, Steinhem or Dworkin or tying it in with a “near-rape experience”.

It will be right up there with my classic design for Strippers: the card game. Oh, so Lexus got breast implants? Well, now she’s got a coke habit too, how do you like that, my friend?

I also found it interesting how she believes physical violence is a more effective response to groping than verbal confrontation. Does that mean that men whose butts and pecs get patted by strange women, or whose biceps and triceps are groped with both hands are now approved to punch women in response? I daresay the average male weightlifter has been groped by women he doesn’t know more often than the average feminist has been groped by men.


China’s Lui Xiang has smashed the men’s 110 metres hurdles world record by clocking 12.88 seconds at the Athletissima meeting in Lausanne on Tuesday night…. Liu, the Olympic champion, jointly held the previous world 100m hurdles world best with Britain’s Colin Jackson, who ran 12.91 seconds in 1993.

Now, what was that about Spacebunny and how everyone on the Internet was laughing at her crazy comments about speedy Asians? That’s the benefit of actually paying attention to the IAAF instead of making ignorant assumptions based on the fact that some random black kid ran faster than you in eighth grade.

And by the way, I still haven’t received that thousand dollars for proving that Asians can run 10 flat.