Great to a point

From a comment thread at Femistasi Central:

Glaivester Says:

I’m not certain how it would work for fathers, but there is a biological reason for men wanting their wives/girlfriends to be monogamous. Most men do not want to get into a relationship, have a child with the woman, and then find out that the child isn’t really his. Part of the “slut-shaming” is a strategy by males to make certain that they aren’t saddled with another man’s child. (I am not saying that this is a conscious thought proces, but it is the biological basis behind this tendency).

Women are less concerned about “slut-shaming” men because they can have great confidence that their baby is theirs.

Female promiscuity and controls on it are less stringent (on average) in a lot of sub-Saharan Africa, because the men are much less likely to be expected to care for the kids, so a father does not have the same paternal investment and therefore less to lose if “his kids” aren’t really his.

zuzu Says:

Well, Glaivester, that’s a great argument for matrilineal and matriarchal societies.

Sure, as long as you don’t mind living in a mud hut without tap water or electricity and dying at 30. I’m telling you, feminist blogs are the Comics section of the blogosphere.

Explaining the arrogance

Peggy Noonan alerts us to breaking news:

William F. Buckley this week said words that, if you follow his columns, were not surprising. And yet coming from the man who co-fathered the modern conservative movement, carrying the intellectual heft as Reagan carried the political heft, the observation that President Bush is not, philosophically, a conservative, had the power to make one sit up and take notice.

I have had reservations in this area since Mr. Bush’s stunning inaugural speech last year, but Mr. Buckley’s comments, in a television interview last weekend, had the sting of the definitional.

What has Peggy been doing the last six years, coloring in her Ronald Reagan coloring books? Seriously, it’s only taken them about seven years to notice what was obvious from the start. The remarkable thing is that Noonan and Buckley are among the more intelligent members of the conservative commentariat.

It’s not that I am impressed with my own intelligence, there are an abundance of things I do not understand. But the deep and abiding moronism that abounds in the media, left and right, seldom fails to astound me.

Why do people pay attention to anything they say? They are dependably wrong, often reliably so! I’m thinking of starting a tracking service to note various pundits’ predictions. I’ll bet aside from a handful of commentators, most of them bat well below the Mendoza line.

Daddies, don’t let your daughters grow up…

…to date losers. Derb shares an email:

I have a friend, a very busy, worldly & successful guy, who is a great dispenser of advice, mostly good. His advice on raising a daughter: “Sure, education, orthodontistry, moral training, all that is good stuff. It’s secondary, though. You must concentrate above all else on this one great objective: DON’T LET HER MARRY A LOSER. Corollary: Don’t let her date any losers.”

I had a very sad reminder of this today. I learned that an acquaintance recently lost his daughter. She committed suicide at age 30. She was married to a hopeless ne’er-do-well, a drug addict. She was sure she could put him right.

“Don’t put your daughter on the stage, Mrs Worthington,” went the old song. I think my first friend is right: never mind the stage, or anything else, just keep her away from losers. And from the illusion—widespread among women, in my experience—that she can change a loser into a normal person by the power of love. Perhaps it can be done once in a while, but it’s not the way to bet. Not from what I’ve seen—and I’ve seen a few, and this is not the first one that ended tragically. May the poor girl rest in peace.

Teach them how to read. Tell them they’re pretty. Don’t buy them inappropriate clothing. Keep them off the pole and don’t let them date losers. You can’t control a child, you can’t control any human being, but you can certainly influence them by making your approval and disapproval clear and refusing to bankroll idiocy.

The idea that it’s impossible to reduce a girl’s interest in a loser and that any criticism will only drive her further into his arms is incorrect. Women, especially young women, can’t bear ridicule. Few girls will continue to harbor interest in a laughingstock who is openly regarded with contempt, they tend to value social status more than their brothers.