I’m impressed

The Sports Gal on TV bandwagon jumping:

He [Simmons] complains all the time about everyone who jumped on the Red Sox bandwagon after they won the World Series — every time he sees someone in a brand new hat he makes a face, and he won’t let me wear my orange Sox hat, he’ll stick it down his pants and throw it in the garbage so I won’t want to wear it. But how’s that different than people jumping on the “Lost” bandwagon?

Not only is the Sports Gal bringing something to the table, but the glimpse she offers into the Sports Couple’s relationship makes it clear that there is a pair that can be confirmed to be stranger than Spacebunny and I. Not only would Spacebunny never wear an orange hat, but even if she did, I can assure you that the thought of putting it down my pants would never occur to me.

Now, I couldn’t care less about TV bandwagons, but since it’s obvious that some people do, I have to side with the Sports Gal here.

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