You’ve got to be kidding me

The Weekly Standard reports that Western civilization hangs by a thread:

The Evening Standard also understands that US secret services have a number of secret files on Diana and her closest associates that are held by the national security agency. The files, which include reports from foreign intelligence – thought to include MI5 and MI6 – come under both top secret and secret categories. The reports cannot be released because of “exceptionally grave damage to the national security”.

This makes sense. It’s obvious that Diana planned the attack on the Twin Towers with her secret lover, Osama bin Laden. The CIA thought bin Laden was in Paris with her, not realizing that they’d confused him with Dodi al-Fayed after both men attended the same exclusive party thrown by the princess following an Elton John concert.

After the CIA took out Diana in Paris, an embittered bin Laden decided to expand his attack to include the White House and the Pentagon as well.

No wonder they don’t dare to release those reports to the public!

Question: if the people are supposed to be in charge, why is it that they can’t ever be permitted to know anything in our “democracy”?

Brown America looks pretty good after all

I don’t know about you, but I’d certainly prefer the chaos of the half-civilized third-world society that appears to be in America’s future to the mad totalitarian hellhole that Cthulhu’s Coven are fantasizing about. Someone needs to haul off these womyn and get them fitted for burqahs, stat! Seriously, this uberwellian vision should give serious pause to anyone who still believes that women’s suffrage was a fine idea.

In bringing this to our attention, RK writes:

Amanda and her friends are discussing their utopia. If you want to be both amused and depressed, take a look. No need to comment. It speaks for itself.

Like a bunch of college freshman talking over a few too many beers. They do have some odd ideas about economics. One odd note, Amanda seems to agree with you on IP laws.

Only because she doesn’t understand them, no doubt.

An argument against Chung Kuo

Perhaps the Chinese are not fated to rule over the world after all:

There’s a lot of talk about what enabled China to become the industrial supplier to the world. Low labor costs are first on that list – but any third world nation will have low labor costs. The thing that really enabled China to fit into that slot was something we miss. It was the really low costs of shipping goods from there to here and Europe….

The only way to explain how that many of the shipping containers can be sitting here is if there’s something running outside of an ordinary market situation. This little Ponzi game is my best guess at explaining it.

I know nothing about the shipping industry, but it’s an interesting hypothesis and it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if it turned out to have some utility in explaining the strangely expendable shipping container. After all, free trade agreements have very little to do with what the normal person would understand free trade to be, if trade were actually free, there’d be no need for these massive, all-encompassing agreements.

VPFL: photo finish

Week 14 isn’t quite over yet, but the playoff picture is already set. As befits an Internet Superintelligence, I have, as expected, demonstrated my superior football knowledge by clinching the regular season title even if the Chicago defense underperforms tonight. Thank you, Nate and Newport, for your feeble season finishes.

(Let’s face it, racking up 54 points among 4 running backs and only scoring 15 of them thanks to a boneheaded decision to go with Barber over both Drew-Jones and Bush tends to indicate that a Week 14 win wouldn’t be the most-deserved Meerkats victory ever.)

In fact, it looks as if both Nate and Newport both managed to choke their way right out of the playoffs this weekend. The White Buffalo demonstrated his champion’s heart in showing up for the finale in a big way, so did East Mesa and, much to everyone’s surprise, Shrub, as the playoffs appear to stack up like this:

1. MEERKATS (9-4-1 if Chicago brings the noise as per usual, otherwise 8-5-1)
2. East Mesa (8-6-0)
3. Greenfield (8-6-0)
4. Mile High Club (8-6-0)

The playoffs are always somewhat of a crapshoot, so I’m predicting nothing here. Certainly one wouldn’t want to bet against East Mesa and LDT right now, they’ve racked up more points than anyone in the league. But there’s a reason why even the lords of the jungle fear the cunning and ruthless piranha of the Serengeti. Why, when I ignored the posted warnings and boldly ventured forth into the deadly creatures’ enclave to take this picture last week, I barely escaped with my life!

“LaDainian, schmadainian”, snarls the mighty meerkat.