Oh, joy

Apparently the Iraqi invasion and occupation is really just another aspect of the immigration issue:

Thomas Friedman in today’s NY Times writes: “Of course, just leaving would be bad for us and terrible for those Iraqis who have worked with us. We need to give them all U.S. passports.” And that’s just what’s going to happen, just as France took in nearly 100,000 Harkis after the Algerian war, though the Iraqi flow here is likely to be an order of magnitude greater. The number coming here so far has been small, but it’s going to grow rapidly. Which is why in the future we need to factor in considerations of the immigration fallout before we launch foreign policy initiatives. For instance, the immigration created by our absurd intervention in Somalia has resulted in Somali cabbies at the Minneapolis Airport trying to impose Islamic strictures on travelers there

I wonder how many supporters of the invasion would have been quite so enthusiastic about it if they knew that it would lead to an estimated 1 million Iraqi immigrants settling down here? It just keeps getting better and better….

In case you didn’t notice

Slapped another ebook up there to the right. I’ll get the PDF up sometime this weekend, most likely.

Ron Paul for President

Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul Files Paperwork for 2008 Presidential Bid

At least the Republicans will have one non-liberal in the race. I wish Paul well, and should he win the nomination, I might even be tempted to consider voting for him. That being said, I fully expect the powers-that-be within the G.O.P. to pull out all the stops to prevent him from going head-to-head down the stretch with either McCain or Giuliani.

It will be interesting to see if they attempt to keep him out of the early debates with some bizarre rule about how only candidates who have either been a prisoner-of-war or worn a dress on SNL will be permitted to participate. Most likely, we’ll just see the “conservative” commentariat hammer on him for being “unelectable”, as they’re obviously hoping to offer conservatives a choice between McCain and Giuliani.

This definitely makes the nomination season more interesting, but unfortunately I don’t see it making any difference as the Lizard Queen’s ascension has long been foretold.

Mailvox: vegetarians are evil

CJ wishes to explore the hate:

What’s the reason for the anti-vegetarian stance? I’m not one and don’t plan to be, but my mom and niece are. Other than my mom’s choleserol being almost 100 points higher than my omnivorous dad’s, they seems to be ok. Care to enlighten?

Vegetarians are evangelical totalitarians. Chinese people don’t try to push their food on you, Italian’s don’t, steak-and-potato eaters don’t, but a vegetarian can’t see an hors d’oeuvre without informing you in tedious detail about his diet and what he thinks of yours.

I loathe vegetarians. I think they’re obnoxious and disgusting. I’d much rather hang out with a smoker, an alcoholic, a pothead, a neo-nazi or even a gay atheist techno-luddite who supports the Packers. (Maybe that’s redundant….)

Furthermore, there is a strange but strong correlation between vegetarianism and socialism, perhaps because both ideologies are ultimately devoted to controlling the actions of others. Or perhaps because its because both groups cling to their notions of health/economic superiority in the face of all the evidence to the contrary.

When I am named Dictator, every vegetarian will be fed to the pigs.

The Allliance in E-F-F-E-C-T

Otherwise known as effect. In the event that you feel the insensible desire to tickle your eardrums with my sweet, dulcet tones, the good Fraters and company are determined to give you that just that chance on Saturday at noon Central. And thanks to the blessings of technology given to us by Al Gore, you can listen live even if you’re not within three blocks of Eagan.

We shall be discussing everything from the sartorial performance art of Steve Jobs and Bill Belichick, the pigskin prognosticating capabilities of Hugh Hewitt, the military mastery of Sam Tzu, the apocalyptic semiotics of Posh Spice’s move to Los Angeles to the probability of capturing live unicorns in Iraq.

Or something like that. As for those of you who will undoubtedly be feeling the urge to remind me that I said I was swearing off radio about now, do settle down and remember that I pointedly excluded the Northern Alliance gang from that vow of radio silence.

The ultimate cat lady-in-waiting

Because sexual relationships just aren’t hard enough:

San Francisco designer Rachel Pearson, 33, owns a successful line of children’s clothing made of organic cotton that also meets international fair-trade rules. For herself she favors clothing from thrift stores—“Not buying new,” she says, “eases the toll on the earth.” A vegetarian, she recycles religiously and loves to pamper herself with yoga and meditation.

There’s another arena in which Pearson upholds green values, and it can create a bit of an etiquette problem. “I won’t date a guy who doesn’t recycle,” she says. “He doesn’t have to wear nonleather shoes, but he has to get it.” And woe betide the guy who doesn’t.

I can’t even tell you how cheerful I am about the probability that various European governments will soon begin banning the consumption of soy as a threat to human health. Sure, it would be even better if they’d go right to the source of the problem and make vegetarianism a capital offense, but then, one can’t expect too much of a fallen world.

Although perhaps Miss Pearson isn’t completely without her charms. After all, how great would it be to be able to say, “Happy Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoy this box of meditation… don’t overdo it!”

Then you could have a big fight about the box being made out of unrecycled cardboard. Ah, bliss.