Dr Helen walks into the minefield

She seems underwhelmed by women who aren’t exactly apologetic about not wanting to have sex with their husbands:

As a 28 year old woman, with the same man for 13 years and 3 kids, have a little insight on why women lose interest in sex…It gets beyond boring for us thats why. It becomes a repetitive chore, akin to washing dishes. And even though my man works, when he doesnt want to help me clean or care for the kids, why would I want to spend energy I dont have doing something that is going to feel exactly the way it did last time.

Two thoughts. First, if a woman doesn’t feel like living up to her marital responsibilities, then she has no claim to expect a man to live up to his. If he doesn’t feel like paying the mortgage that month, well, why should he?

Second, no woman like this should be shocked that her husband would rather spend time with Internet porn than her, at least the porn girls care enough to give him what he needs. As for boring, what of it? Do you quit eating because it’s just the same tedious activity, three times a day?

Rejection is very difficult for men. How many times do you have to hear no before you just quit asking? After a while, I think it would be very difficult not to conclude that the other person simply doesn’t give a damn about you.

This society is so not going to survive the first halfway-realistic robot girl.

Lady Macbeth and more

Political analysts are beginning to understand some aspects of what I was writing about eighteen months ago:

There are many reasons people think Mrs Clinton will not be elected president. She lacks warmth; she is too polarising a figure; the American people don’t want to relive the psychodrama of the eight years of the Clinton presidency.

But they all miss this essential counterpoint. As you consider her career this past 15 years or so in the public spotlight, it is impossible not to be struck, and even impressed, by the sheer ruthless, unapologetic, unshameable way in which she has pursued this ambition, and confirmed that there is literally nothing she will not do, say, think or feel to achieve it. Here, finally, is someone who has taken the black arts of the politician’s trade, the dissembling, the trimming, the pandering, all the way to their logical conclusion.

Fifteen years ago there was once a principled, if somewhat rebarbative and unelectable politician called Hillary Rodham Clinton. A woman who aggressively preached abortion on demand and the right of children to sue their own parents, a committed believer in the power of government who tried to create a healthcare system of such bureaucratic complexity it would have made the Soviets blush; a militant feminist who scorned mothers who take time out from work to rear their children as “women who stay home and bake cookies”.

Today we have a different Hillary Rodham Clinton, all soft focus and expensively coiffed, exuding moderation and tolerance.

As the recent poll showing the Lizard Queen far in front of B. Hussein Osama demonstrates, a solid political machine trumps mass appeal almost every time.