Tales of the Strong Independent Woman

Hey, it worked for the kid:

Witnessed in a Supermarket, surrounded by dry goods

Mother, late twenties, early thirties, pushing a cart with;

Daughter (presumably) in front little seat, age two, possibly three.

Daughter: **crying inconsolably**
Mother: No, I won’t let you do this to me. No, You can’t blackmail me with your tears. No!
Daughter: **continues crying**
Mother: STOP! You can’t do this to ME! Who do you think you are! STOP!
Daughter: **cries louder**
Mother: NO! I won’t put up with this abuse! **breaks down, also begins to cry**

I rather enjoy negotiating with three year-old girls myself. Most of the little cabbage heads will sign away practically everything from their future loss of virginity to their social security payments in exchange for a kitten or a lollipop. But you have to watch out for abusive hard cases like this one clearly was, the crafty little bitches can take you down like a semi hitting a squirrel if you make the mistake of falling for that whole wide-eyed sweet and innocent act.

I’m glad I didn’t have to witness this. I might have started crying myself… with laughter.

A more efficient approach

As I was reading Daniel Dennett’s “Darwin’s Dangerous Idea”, which is really quite good thus far, it struck me that Christians and other theists such as myself are taking a less effective route to crippling atheist arguments than we might.

Instead of trying to logically demonstrate to them that they have no claim on morality and that this would have a negative effect on human society, we really should take their arguments against God and ask them to make a scientific case for the very existence of morality. Not the “atheist morality” about which I have written, but rather the basic concept itself.

Where is the proof of “good”? Where is the scientific evidence that defines the distinction between “good” and “bad”? And if there is no scientific evidence for such a distinction, then don’t we have the same obligation to teach children the nonexistence of a moral imperative that we do of God?

This won’t stop the “I feel it” idiocy on the part of either atheists or theists, but it should shut the intelligent ones down. Then we can return to the inevitable utilitarian conclusion and end up agreeing that Israel must be driven into the sea, fat people must be converted into gasoline and women must be forcibly bred to the most fit.

The good of the greater number demands it!

Blogger’s new template

Some of you may have noticed that I was experimenting with Blogger’s new template options. It’s not bad, but since it doesn’t seem to have an easy way to add Haloscan comments into the Post box, it’s unusable. It did provide a nice means of showing the recent posts on the sidebar, as per a request a few people have made, but that’s not worth breaking the comments. Also, it had some graphical glitches that were annoying.

Thus we shall stick with the tried and true for the nonce.

Mailvox: Jamsco enters the fray

And has an unusual request:

The announcement is that a couple weeks ago I created a blog. Please check it out. I hope you find it mildly entertaining and a more than a little theologically challenging. At least that is my hope. Indeed, I have failed one of my primary goals for starting a blog if this is not the case.

So here’s the request. If you would be willing to put me on your blog roll, could you put me in Target Rich Environments? If you’re not sure on whether to grant this request, what might put you over the edge? Want me to talk about how pleased I am, as a home-schooling parent, that Public Schools exist? Can do. Do want me to make nasty remarks about people who spend too much time watching football? I can fit it in.

Do you want me to say that people who say that God doesn’t know the future are speaking He- . . theologically incorrect statements. Consider it done. Want me to say bad stuff about Nate? I’m there (but not SpaceBunny. I am no fool and SpaceBunny’s like a decent person, whereas Nate once called me a hippy. (Yes, it was a hard day for me.))

I also plan on putting in some personal poetry which you (no stranger to verse) might describe as having . . . questionable quality. And I might speak well of Star Trek. And I might trash “Dark is Rising,” as well as point out your startling inconsistency on that matter. You just never know.

Yes, yes I do want you to say bad stuff about Der Hausfrauhrer, but that’s neither here nor there. But the mere fact of Jamsco’s having publicly committed poetry makes his blog, by definition, a Target-Rich Environment.

Request granted.

Mailvox: the vhip hand

AD wishes to see some atheist-vlogging:

Enjoy your columns and blog, it’s great to know there are other intelligent, technical people who are Christian. I know you’ve done some podcasts, but have little interest in the usual talking head media shows.

Have you thought about Vlogging? YouTube (or others like LiveVideo) seam to have some steam currently. There are several Atheist types vlogging on YouTube recently who try to present arguments against Christianity and religion in general. Mostly they are an embarrassment to themselves, but I can see they are attracting an audience. With the number of young frequenting these sites, it would be great to have a practiced debater such as yourself pointing out the flaws in their argument and ramblings. I think your creativity and imagination could have you owning these sites in no time.

Yes, I actually wrote a bit about Nick Gilburn’s situation in tomorrow’s column. (Don’t worry, it’s in context with some other stuff which should provide some small matter for amusement.) Anyhow, I’m open to trying this if someone will provide me with a transcript from which to work, perhaps taken from one of Mr. Gilburn’s more popular videos.

I can’t watch many videos without my brain going into sleep mode, usually after the second or third obvious howler I can’t even bear to listen to it. For whatever reason, I’m much more amenable to critically reading logical nonsense than listening to it or watching it.

I think I have the Microsoft video software on my other laptop, does anyone know if that will let you pop in still images such as Excel charts or whatever? Alternatively, is there any good open source video producing software, similar to Audacity for audio?