Agreeing with the godless

It may surprise you, but I don’t approve of this sort of thing any more than the Pharyngulans do. Quite likely less, in fact. I don’t understand people who fetishize the 10 Commandments, who pray loudly before meals at restaurants and especially those who clearly view public prayer as a political stunt.

Now, obviously these people aren’t bowing down and worshipping the commandments, and while it’s a funny suggestion, a more effective tactic on Prof. PZ Myers part would be to ask what part of Jesus Christ’s commands these people do not understand?

“And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. I tell you the truth, they have received their reward in full. But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. And when you pray, do not keep on babbling like pagans, for they think they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

Kidnapping lessons courtesy of the US government

Another case of the Patriarchy protecting the glass ceiling by keeping a strong, independent, successful woman down:

Astronaut Lisa Nowak was fired from NASA on Wednesday, a month after she was charged with trying to kidnap a woman she regarded as her romantic rival for the affections of a space shuttle pilot.

If Nowak were a civil servant, NASA would have the choice of placing her on administrative leave, leave without pay or indefinite suspension until the charges are resolved, said NASA spokesman James Hartsfield in Houston. But because she is an officer, those options are not available.

She will be assigned to the staff at the Chief of Naval Air Training in Corpus Christi, Texas, starting in two weeks, Navy Cmdr. Lydia Robertson said. Robertson said she didn‘t know what specific job Nowak would be doing.

Do they have no respect for Women’s History Month? Those damnable Patriarchs just have to try and ruin everything!

But… but the Bible was used to defend slavery 150 years ago

I wonder how atheists will attempt to explain away the current rise of slavery in post-Christian Europe. Of course, they’ll insist it can’t be laid at their feet despite the obvious consequence of the abandonment of Christian morality because the women aren’t being enslaved “in the name of atheism”. I’m sure that is of great relief to Britain’s newest slaves:

Women are being sold into prostitution in modern day “slave auctions” at Britain’s airports, it emerged yesterday. The illegal immigrants are sold to the highest bidder for up to £8,000 a time. They are then forced to work in brothels where they can earn up to £800 a day for their “owner”.

The chilling reality of human trafficking was spelled out yesterday by senior police officers at Scotland Yard. Detective Superintendent Mark Ponting, of the Metropolitan Police, said young women from all over the world are trafficked into Britain after being promised well-paid work in bars or cafes.

But within hours of their arrival, they are sold to pimps. The youngest known girl victim was just 14. In one notorious case, women were openly sold outside a coffee shop at Gatwick Airport.

Remember when people said that I was crazy and a misogynist dreamer for suggesting that it was much more likely that women would be openly bought and sold as property before anything like the equality preached by feminism arrived?

Obviously I was smoking crack.

Now it’s merely a matter of time before this activity is decriminalized, then finally taxed and legalized. With a potential ROI of only ten days, it’s not hard to understand why so many people are interested in getting into the business.

And, if you’re an atheist sans that troublesome Christian morality, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t. You’ve only got one life to live, after all, and if your genes are selfish, why shouldn’t you be? It’s just natural selection and the survival of the fittest, baby.

It’s always strange, too, how atheists appear to think that pointing to evils supposedly committed by Christians centuries or even millenia ago somehow negates the evils that their fellow atheists are committing right now.

March is Women’s History month!

On this day in 1896, Alice Guy Blaché, the first American woman film director, shoots the first of her more than 300 films, a short feature called La Fee aux Choux (The Cabbage Fairy). It is the story of a strong, independent, beautiful, but sensitive young cabbage fairy, whose strength and independence are not fully appreciated by the handsome, arrogant fairy prince of vegetables with whom she is in love. Not until he nearly loses her to a hungry French peasant’s dinner salad does he realize how much he truly needs her in his life.

Ms Blache’s films, which include La Fee Jolie, Quand Henri Réuni Tinkerbelle, and La Jeune Mariée Partie de Mouche, are considered to be the inspiration for every single freaking chick flick ever filmed.

Feminist posts 4,000 pictures, shocked when people look at them

Unlike most feminists, it seems Jill of Feministe is regarded as attractive. But like most feminists, she’s not intelligent enough to understand the most obvious consequences of her actions:

Now, these pictures are all online in my Flickr account. Kate posted the two fashion show pictures on Facebook. It’s not that they’re any huge secret — but I didn’t post them (or let them be posted) so that they could be used to enroll me in a law school beauty contest without my permission. I have more than 4,000 photos on my Flickr account, more than half of which are travel pictures. I try and travel as much as I can, and until a month ago had an ancient laptop that was constantly on the verge of crashing. So I paid to store all of my pictures online so that I wouldn’t lose them, and I keep them there because I’d rather not eat up all the memory on my new computer. I also keep them up because of the blog. I blog under my real name, and I’ve been pretty open about who I am ever since I started posting here. The pictures are part of that — they emphasize the community aspect of this space by letting people know that I’m a real person, not just an internet personality. Zuzu and Piny do similar things when they give readers a peek into their lives by discussing their favorite TV shows, posting pet pictures, etc.

Not that I should have to explain why I, like the millions of people on Flickr and Facebook and MySpace and Friendster, post pictures of myself online. It’s certainly not unusual. Almost all of my friends have their pictures posted online in some venue or another. Several other feminist bloggers — Amanda, Jessica, Norbizness, Lauren, Hugo, and on and on — have Flickr accounts. And yet, in the Hot Law School Women contest, my pictures were posted with a caption reading, “For a self-proclaimed feminist, J.F. loves objectifying herself in front of cameras. I guess it’s empowerment when she does it, and exploitation when others do it, because she is in law school.”

Yes, it’s exploitation to take a picture with your friends on a beautiful beach in Greece. Way to understand feminist thought, dudes.

As Amynda recently found out, once you put something online, it isn’t yours anymore. This isn’t rocket science. You don’t get to choose what people will do with the bits of digital information once you sent them out into the wild electronic frontier, and if you can’t handle that, then you’d best stick to writing in a little pen-and-paper journal. With a lock so that no one can read it.

Naturally, being fascists, these upset female lawyers-in-training will soon be agitating for another law banning freedom of speech and expression… in order to defend their own right to behave as technologically clueless morons without consequence.

Jill should be grateful that she’s attractive enough to enjoy such attention even if her online admirers are unwanted. I rather doubt Amynda suffers from the same “problem”.

People say nasty things all the time. I get personally attacked every time I write a column and nearly every time I write a blog post. I don’t mind in the least, it comes with the territory, and the fact that people are so predictable that they invariably attack the red flags I wave in front of their faces affords me with no small amusement.

But if you want to play football with the big boys, understand that you’re going to get tackled hard every now and then.

You know, Jill and company really have no idea. If they’re upset about what some budding young lawyers can do with a few pictures, they’d probably keel over and die of horror if they understood what a game designer with a team of skilled 3D artists at his disposal is capable of doing with them.

Not, of course, that anything like that has ever happened… to the tune of 2 Live Crew….