Scaring the horses

The Regression to the Mean gets his pre-presidential kneepads on behalf of the Lisper:

I haven’t even yet mentioned your magnificent leadership on and after 9/11, which also combined both the visionary and the practical in a truly stirring way. That combination of vision and competence is what even your enemies have come to show a grudging respect for….

You can beat back such foes any time with the power of your intellect and your peerless ability to master and synthesize ideas – if you’re willing to get cracking.

Cliff’s Notes version: Rudy is so sexy and dreamy and smart… how I wish he would pierce me with those fierce Italian eyes and handcuff me in front of the whole wide world!

Speaking of metaphors, I haven’t read anything that flamingly gay since Fight Club. Even the editors at The Advocate are reading it and thinking, “well, we are looking for a political columnist, but that’s really a bit much.”

Because there aren’t enough barbarians inside the gates

The New York Times would have us shed a tear for those poor unfortunates who aren’t allowed to migrate because they don’t have any relations in the United States:

When the DNA results landed on Isaac Owusu’s dinner table here last year, they showed that only one of the four boys — the oldest — was his biological child….

The State Department let his oldest son, now 23, come to the United States last fall, but said the others — a 19-year-old and 17-year-old twins — could not come because they are not biologically related to him.

Isaac Owusu, who asked that only his first and middle names be published because he would like to keep his family’s pain private, is still hoping the government will allow the teenagers to join him, arguing that he has been a devoted stepfather, if not a biological parent.

What is the world coming to, when a man cannot leave his country behind and bring along his adulterous wife’s bastard offspring? Oh, the inhumanity!

I hope everyone finds as much amusement in Third World America as much as I do. I’m certain the millions of incoming individuals from dictatorships and savage tribal cultures will rush to embrace the USA’s perverted form of strictly limited democracy in no time. Of course, what they will vote for probably won’t be quite what white liberal Democrats and Republican corporatists have in mind, but by the time those morons realize the inevitable result of their promised multicultural paradise-on-earth, the barbarians will be barbecuing the milk cows and zoo animals as they do in the home countries.

“Sometimes these are complicated families,” said Tony Edson, a deputy assistant secretary of state. “People are learning things that they never knew about themselves.”

It’s interesting how “complicated” things can get once the traditional Western family is obliterated, isn’t it. And it’s such a surprise that things are already hopelessly complicated in the many places that have never known any such structure.

When you permit cannibals to immigrate, you shouldn’t be surprised when they start eating people.

UPDATE – For those of you who doubted Washington’s involvement with 9/11, I note that apparently we suffer from such a shortage of terrorists that we are planning to import more:

The head of a U.N. agency charged with caring for Palestinian refugees said the United States has offered to receive 7,000 Palestinians who fled Iraq.

Maybe the feds should cut right to the chase and give them all jobs driving public school buses.

Girl logic

This spectacularly silly girl doesn’t quite get that whole “free speech” thing:

Silencing Through Trolling

Another powerful tool that mainstream sites, if not employ then at the very least are party to, is having their members troll sites that are negatively highlighted. I first encountered this with the website Something Awful, which would have the Awful Link of the Day. At first I thought it was funny, until I noticed that highlighted sites would be bombarded with e-mails and other hateful comments. The line was finally crossed for me when one woman shut down her website because of the harassment she received due to the SA goons’ trolling. Her only crime? Being highlighted as an ALOTD because she was transsexual.

But I’ve seen that pattern over and over again elsewhere. The only time I ever got it here, that I am aware of, was when I said something nasty about Vox Day because of a post he made about rape. And with my discussion policy that I have now, if something like that happened again, it wouldn’t affect my readers. But that’s not the case for many sites who don’t have moderation, and even for those who do, I know from personal experience that getting hateful comments calling you names and saying you’re worthless does take an emotional toll.

What about me? What about my emotional toll? Sometimes I just sit here in front of my keyboard, trying to type through the tears…. You see, it’s just fine for her to say nasty things about other people. (I have no idea what she’s referring to, but I’ll take her word for it.) But, you see, you must not respond in kind, because then she might feel bad. And if she feels really bad, then she won’t want to say anything else in the future.

(And what a loss to humanity that would be.)

Now, not saying anything is silence, so therefore being made to feel so bad that you decide to be silent is the same as being silenced, just like Hitler’s SA used to beat people up and kill them in order to silence them. Because, you see, words are the same as physical actions, therefore a verbal attack is the same as a physical attack, except of course when a woman is simply exercising her right to free speech in attacking someone else.

Does that make sense to you? If so, I highly recommend that you ask someone to drive you to the hospital and offer your organs for donation as you are quite clearly brain-dead.

I can’t help but think that this handicapable individual could use a material, non-metaphorical kick in the head, perhaps that might help her understand the difference between silencing yourself and actually being silenced. Sweet Darwin but I despise those who cannot distinguish between metaphor with reality.

The value of an inch

Is $32,100 per year:

They found that a 5-foot-8 man was just as successful in getting dates as a 6-footer if he made more money — precisely $146,000 a year more. For a 5-foot-2 man, the number was $277,000.

So, apparently I was wrong. Women care more about height than money, although there are diminishing returns with height that obviously don’t exist in the case of the cash.

Tierney’s comments about the overly selective nature of people in large cities, specifically New York, ring very true to me. None of my female friends who lived in New York ever got married while they were there or to anyone they met while they were there.

Another interesting factor is that women with a high degree of what the study’s authors call “sociosexuality”, which based on the determining questions appears to be a predilection for unfaithfulness, preferred non-religious individuals as strongly as women attracted to height preferred tall men.

This may help explain the three marriages of Richard Dawkins, all arguments for atheist morality notwithstanding.

National Socialism with a human face

It’s amusing to me how people attempt to deny that the German National Socialist Worker’s Party were socialists, even as modern international socialists behave in a manner almost identical to the historical National Socialists:

Up to 5.9million children face having their fingerprints taken by schools in another move towards a ‘Big Brother’ society. Pupils will have to hand over their biometric details simply to borrow library books or gain access to school dinners.

A million children’s fingerprints are believed to have been taken already, some without parental approval and even by ‘con tricks’ such as pretend spy games.

One always has to remember that for two-thirds their time in power, the Nazis weren’t setting up and running death camps. Their second greatest act of evil- I think it’s accurate to say that the Second World War was worse than the Holocaust – was neither their first nor only crime.

Of course, it’s hard to argue with the very reasonable justification given here. These days, the global fascists aren’t even bothering to seriously disguise their intentions any longer:

Participating schools, however, insist there is nothing ‘sinister’ going on, and that fingerprints are destroyed when the child leaves. They insist it makes libraries a ‘cool’ place to visit.

Oh, well in that case, great. I bet it would make them even cooler if the kiddies could wear spiffy uniforms and beat up Jews there.