So, what’s our position today?

Sheelzebub of Pandagon comes out hard against Internet outings:

Mouth-foaming wingnut racists have been busy outing Devious Diva.

So, I will reiterate. Again. Since I’m pretty damn sure that some folks will simply never get it. Harassing people isn’t okay. Posting threatening messages isn’t okay. Outing someone isn’t okay.

You know, she just might want to have a little conversation with Amynda about the policy at Pandagon before she waxes too outraged over the whole thing.

Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree—batshit crazy “Christian libertarian” Vox Day’s (real name: —- —-)

Atheist logic

Jim Downey isn’t what you’d call one of the more formidable champions of Reason:

TEHRAN: The Iranian Supreme Court has overturned the murder convictions of six members of a prestigious state militia who killed five people they considered “morally corrupt.”

But hey, it’s Islam, right? Not like our good Sky-Daddy worshipers would ever want to impose their laws on us in the same way. Right?

Since they haven’t imposed them in that way in nearly 2,000 years of Christian rule throughout Christendom, I don’t think they’re likely to do it anytime soon there, Chicken Little.

Let me see if I can follow his logic: since Muslims believe in a deity and Christians believe in a deity, therefore Christianity equals Islam. And therefore Christians will do to atheists whatever Muslims to, um, Muslims, like randomly kill them for being morally corrupt. QED.

It’s hard to decide whether this post is more deeply stupid or more profoundly ignorant. Either way, it should embarrass every atheist who likes to think of atheists as collectively being more intelligent and educated than the norm.

Now I understand why Brent Rasmussen is so forthright about declaring that atheists have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING IN COMMON with one another except for their shared disbelief in the existence of a supreme deity. If I had someone like Mr. Downey Syndrome posting logical pyrotechnics of this sort on my blog, I’d be sure to distance myself too.

Bringing Iraq to a town near you

I don’t think the American people were aware of this possibility when they signed up for nation-building in Iraq… actually, I don’t think they ever signed up for that either, come to think of it:

The United States could take in up to 25,000 Iraqi refugees this year — more than three times the number it previously agreed to admit — in an effort to provide some relief to the crisis affecting several Arab countries, the State Department said yesterday. The department also said it plans to allow Iraqis and Afghans working for the U.S. government in their respective countries to immigrate to the United States after only three years of service instead of the current 15 required by law.

“It’s fair to say that, if we get the referrals [from the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees], we could resettle up to 25,000 Iraqi refugees within the president’s determination this year,” said Ellen Sauerbrey, assistant secretary of state for population, refugees and migration.

Thanks, all of you who said that the USA had to do something about Iraq. Well, resettling Iraqi Muslims in your neighborhood is doing something, isn’t it?

Voxian heresies

Cumquat raises the question of the differences between things I have advocated and his understanding of Christianity:

Here is my list of Voxianisms — the areas where (my interpretation of) your writings tend to diverge from what I’d consider “Christian.”

First, a few qualifications: 1) As an agnostic, I have no problem with these Voxianisms, 2) I understand that you’ve never, to my knowledge, encouraged or told others to do as you do, and 3) remember #1 because otherwise I’ll come off as a hypocrite.

~ Thou shalt engage in name calling

Jesus Christ and the Paul apostle both did likewise, ergo there’s nothing inherently wrong there. I note that Paul was particularly inclined towards sarcasm.

~ Thou shalt engage others in arguments

Jesus apparently enjoyed this, as he often did so in public. Again, I see no contradiction here.

~ Thou shalt use vulgarities

There is one verse about rough speech, but in general, the Christian is commanded is to avoid making vows, blaspheming against the Holy Spirit or taking the Lord’s name in vain. There’s nothing about the inherent sin of using old Anglo-Saxon terms for defecation or fornication.

~ Thou shalt joke when commenting on tragedy (1st VT post)

Since when is humor off limits, either for Christians or anyone else? It wasn’t directed at the victims or their families anyhow.

~ Thou shalt, kinda, sorta, support Polygamy

Which both the Old and the New Testament do, in my opinion and the opinion of many theologians. Certainly this single marriage divorce culture doesn’t seem to be working out very well.

~ Thou shalt condone hitting women (in the right context)

Self-defense is approved in the Bible.

~ Thou shalt not necessarily turn the other cheek

Yes, I think this is a flaw. My opinion is based far more on my training than my faith.

~ Thou shalt not necessarily be meek

Or poor. The meek are blessed, there’s no commandment to go forth and be meek.

~ Thou shalt enjoy violent video games

Yes, so what? It’s not real violence, you know.

~ Thou shalt view God as a super being whose ways are only good because he says so.

You’ll have to take that one up with Him. I’m basically just repeating what He said.

~ Thou shalt consume alcoholic beverages

You know that Jesus Christ made wine, right? And also told us to drink it in remembrance of him. Seriously, whatever faith you lost truly doesn’t appear to be Christianity, but some bastard half-breed Churchianity.

~ Thou shalt not support marriage

Except for Christians. Why should non-Christians pay any attention to a Christian sacrement anyhow, or make promises when they don’t believe in a universal standard of truth.

~ Thou shalt not support the equal rights of women

Nope. Show me where Christian doctrine does. And, as someone has already pointed out, voting isn’t a right. If it was, it couldn’t be taken away from you for committing a felony.

~ Thou shall not support multiculturalism

And where does it say thou shalt? Anyhow, multiculturalism is an abomination before the Western cultural tradition, which derives from Christianity. You can support cliterectomies for all the girls if you want, I shall continue to refuse to do so.

~ Thou shalt enjoy the material pleasures of the world

God made the world. He loves it. Why shouldn’t we, subject only to His strictures?

~ Thou shalt allow the above, and worse, to be done by others in the name of libertarianism.

God has the power to impose His will any time He wants and yet He refuses to do so in the name of allowing us our free will. Who am I to put myself in a position that God Himself does not.