Draft discussion

I’m not a draftnik, never have been, so I don’t spend much time obsessing over these things, especially since I don’t watch a lot of NCAA football anymore. Also, it’s not as if paying close attention to the drafts was going to do you any good when Denny Green was doing the selecting… the only predictable pick he’s ever made was in Arizona when he picked up his long-time St. Paul homeboy Fitzgerald.

But since a lot of you are down with Mel and company, feel free to have at it here.

Not your kid, not your problem

And if you have any doubts, you’d better check them out. I rather admire the calm way the young guy is handling the news that he’s not actually a father. There’s no need to stone adulterous wives, much better to leave them to sink into poverty and misery.

I’m on the phone with Owen Williams (not his real name), who just found out yesterday that the tired child I hear crying in the background, the child he’s been rocking to sleep every night, the child who carries his name, belongs to some other man. For a person who’s just had his life turned upside down, he seems surprisingly calm.

Williams is a level-headed guy. He’s 24 years old and working toward a degree in network engineering. He has clear professional goals. He knows what he wants out of life. And this definitely isn’t it.

The child’s mother comes home from work in another 6 1/2 hours. She doesn’t realize that Williams knows the truth, and he has no plans to tell her. As soon as he finds a new place to live, within a day or two, he hopes, he’s going to leave, and that’s it. “In fact, when I move out, I’m not saying anything, because there’s nothing to be said. For over 15 months, over a year, she deceived me. Every doctor visit I’ve been to, every cookout I’ve been to, every reunion I’ve been to—with her, on her account—I’ve been deceived.”

Yesterday’s discovery changed things for Williams. “Knowing that I’m not his father is the part that I’m having trouble with,” he explains. “He has nothing to do with what happened between me and her. So I treat him just like any other kid.”

Most women don’t give a damn about the connection between fathers and their real children whenever it stands in the way of a woman’s “happiness” and pursuit of a divorce, so the argument that men shouldn’t be allowed to abandon children that aren’t theirs because “love transcends blood” or whatever is not only spurious, it’s downright disingenuous.

Not only should they be allowed to, but the women committing such fraud should be forced to reimburse the man for all child-rearing expenses, just as those who commit any other financial fraud must.

While I very much respect those men who are willing to stand by their not-children and believe that would be my choice, no one has the right to make such a decision for another man one way or the other. But it’s also worth noting that even if a man chooses to stand by his not-children initially, there’s not a chance in Hell that his lack of paternity won’t be used against him if the marriage falls apart later.

UPDATE: 94 pages of comments are here, and some of the differnt perspectives are quite interesting. This, however, was probably the funniest remark: OMG I am so embarrassed to be a bearer of the XX chromosome at this moment. The women justifying this and defending it are the examples of why so many women are single and on anti-depressants- is it any wonder so many viable men of marrying age want to have nothing to do with us.

This is how you do it

Notice how Joe Rogan deals with a feminist trying to attack him. He goes directly after her passive-aggressive assertion, destroys it and doesn’t let up until she’s been ripped to shreds.

She’s using the primary weapon in the feminist arsenal, attacking his manhood, in this case by disingenously stating something that even she can’t possibly believe. Femininists, underneath all the rhetorical jargon, understand that at the end of the day a woman’s only real power is sexual, which is why they constantly introduce the subject into areas where it isn’t involved and doesn’t belong. I’m only surprised that the woman didn’t threaten not to have sex with him.

I mean, the guy was talking about guys not liking penguin movies, for Darwin’s sake. What in the name of the Galapagos Islands does that have to do with his ability or inability to find a girlfriend?

Women cannot handle direct assaults, which is why they always try to attack from oblique angles and attempt to defuse the situation as soon as they meet resistance. Don’t let them get away with it. Whether you’re a man or a woman, if a woman attacks you with the usual passive-aggressive comment, respond directly to the attack and don’t let her off by claiming that she was only joking or whatever.

And if a guy wants to turn the whole thing into a joke that’s actually funny, follow Joe’s example and publicly rebuke her vagina like a movie priest waving a cross at a vampire. “Your pussy has no power over me!”

Better yet, pretend you’re the priest from the Godfather, throw your drink on her crotch and start talking to one of the other guys there as if he’s Michael Corleone.

“Do you renounce her pussy?”

“I do renounce it?”

“And all its works?”

“I do renounce them.”

Sure, she’ll hate you forever, but everyone will be cracking up so it will totally be worth it. And do you really want attack-prone passive-aggressive bitches infesting your life anyhow?