Steyn admits complicity

From NRO:

I disagree with the President on illegal immigration but I can’t honestly say that he “betrayed” me. Most of the stuff the base is mad about are things he openly championed in the 2000 race. He ran the most pro-Mexican, pro-federalization-of-education, pro-prescription-drugs-for-seniors campaign of any Republican Presidential candidate ever. The convention in Philadelphia was a non-stop riot of mariachi bands playing the Cucaracha alternating with cucaracha bands playing the Mariachi. I bumped into my own Senator, Bob Smith of New Hampshire, in downtown Philly and asked him how he was enjoying it. He said he’d tried to get in but he’d been denied entry. That’s how multicultural and diversity-celebrating it was: guys with suspicious names like “Bob Smith” couldn’t even get past security.

President Bush has, broadly speaking, governed as he said he would seven years ago. Unfortunately, a big bunch of sophisticated types in the Republican base told themselves, “Hey, don’t worry. This ‘compassionate conservative’ mumbo-jumbo is just a cunning feint to sucker the media and the swing voters.” Au contraire, he meant it.

I agree that Bush telegraphed his anti-conservative governance. But nearly every commentator vehemently denied this was the case and nearly every conservative Republican bought into those denials, not once, but twice, so it’s not fair to say that they were consciously signing onto his neosocialist program.

Conservative Republicans may be reliably stupid patsies, but they’re seldom overtly evil.

UPDATE: Dreher manfully admits it too:

Few of us stood up to Bush when he took us to this disastrous war in Iraq. Few, if any, stood up to him over his foolish support for Rumsfeld, long after it became obvious what a disaster Rumsfeld was. Few, if any, stood up to him over his amassing of power in the executive branch. Few, if any, stood up to him on the spending. Few, if any, stood up to him over the massive prescription drug benefit. Few stood up to him over the political hackery pervading his administration, which became distressingly obvious during Katrina (indeed, there are still Republicans now who insist that the corrupt politicization of the Department of Justice is a non-issue, because these people “serve at the president’s pleasure”). Correct me if I’m wrong, but the first time any of us stood up in significant numbers, and with full-throated voice, against the president was over the Harriet Miers debacle. And then we fell silent again, for the most part.

I merely note that he forgot to include the Patriot Acts, NAU and the various UN treaties.

Brotherhood of Iron

If you want to know why men appear to be, on average, in better shape than women these days, here’s an anecdote. At the gym today, I realized there was not a single woman present when I started my workout. There were 18 men, ranging in age from 18 to 65, and the only man who was even a little overweight was the old guy who had the sort of round paunch that you see on plenty of 30 year olds.

They were regular, normal-looking guys, there were only two workout monsters with 19+ inch arms even though everyone was lifting free weights and using weight machines. Only one of the men ever used any of the 20 or more cardio machines, but you could see from his arms that he obviously lifted too. Over the two hours I was there, I counted 32 men and 4 women. There was one pretty girl who did machine weights and stretched, one thin but soft girl who only ran on the treadmill, one lumpish 30-something woman who did Stairmaster and her squatty friend who didn’t even change into workout gear but talked to a guy doing Smith squats the whole time she was there.

So, women, if you want to either get into shape or find yourself in an environment where you are surrounded by men who aren’t overweight, get thee to a gym with free weights. And focus on the weights, save the cardio for after you lift or for your off-days. You’re not going to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger no matter how much you lift, don’t worry about that. Muscle takes up less space than fat, so you’ll likely weigh the same but be more slender.

Spacebunny has been after me to change my workouts around for about nine years now, so I tried switching from the usual 10-8-6-4 pyramid bench to sets of 12-15 at lower weights. I figured 205 would be low enough, but ended up dropping from 15 on the first set down to 7 on the fifth one. Verdict: hated it. However, she’s surely right and I don’t wish to imitate The Perfect Aryan Male in tearing my shoulders, so next time I’ll limit the first set to 12 and see how it goes. Doing higher-rep, lower-weight squat workouts has been easier on the knees and hamstring, although it’s hard to keep from screaming “IT BURNS, IT BURNS” on the last two or so reps. And I just about threw up after the eighth set the last time I did legs, so apparently it’s actually a harder workout even though it feels kind of like cheating when you don’t have that vaguely alarming sensation of being in trouble when your thighs are parallel to the ground.

The other thing I noticed was that all of the various exercise classes were taught by women and appeared to be primarily for women. This tends to support the idea discussed a few weeks ago that women have a preference for seeking out structured group activities instead of simply doing things on their own.

Attack of the cat ladies

Rachel Lucas is welcomed back by the wrath of the feline-infested:

In my post about online dating, the first tip was, no photos of your cats.

Notice how it says no PHOTOS of your cats.

So I was just looking through my referral list, and I apparently have a hate following now among a few “kitty” forums. Which sounds sexier than it really is. People are actually saying things like “bite me” and that “no man is more important than my cat!” and “Rachel Lucas can kiss my ass.”…

But hey, kitty forum folks: thanks for proving my point for me. I’m not surprised to see so many posts by single women who say their cats are far more important to them than any man will ever be. Have a great time staying single for the rest of your life – not because you keep felines in your house but because you actually believe that a non-sentient animal can and will fulfill you emotionally in ways no human ever could.

Gentlemen, here’s a simple rule of thumb. If she’s single and she has a cat, be very wary and skedaddle at the first sign of feminine psychosis. If she’s single and she has more than one cat, immediately run, do not walk, for the exit. If she’s single and she owns a dog, marry her.

Worked for me, anyhow.

The "sex is rape" school

Shakespeare’s Skank doesn’t understand the difference between seduction and rape:

If a man “steals” a woman’s virginity, it’s called rape. Even if it is “prom night” or whatevthefuck an underage-looking girl in a tacky party dress is meant to represent.

No, it’s not called rape. Stolen virginity refers to a seduction in which the seducer obtains the woman’s virginity under false pretenses, usually involving insincere promises of love. Hence the sartorial dichotomy between the “bad” boy and the “good” girl as well as the prom night symbolism which so mystifies the cognitively shaky sister.

It’s a metaphor, but as is often the case with too-literal, lower-order minds, Shakespeare’s Skank confuses the metaphor with material reality. It really requires single-minded pedantry to do so in this case, since rape requires force, (although feminists would insist coercion will do), while theft doesn’t even require the presence of the victim.

Not content with being embarrassed by those who correct her by pointing out that “stolen hearts” and “stolen kisses” are not literally stolen and that “lost virginity” is not physically misplaced, the Skank stands firmly on her shaky ground:

“Stealing” doesn’t mean coercion or trickery. It means taking without permission. And when you take sex from someone without her permission, that’s called rape…. as Dorothy pointed out above, “stole your heart” is a metaphor. No one’s literal heart is literally stolen. “Stole your virginity” is not.

Yes, and “anti-semitism” doesn’t literally mean “Judenhassen”, and yet that’s precisely what it means, not “a general opposition to all Semitic peoples”. Where does one put a “literally stolen” virginity anyhow, in one’s pocket? In any case, Shakespeare’s Skank could make her literal case, albeit a silly one, if the ad had said “robbed your virginity”, as robbery implies physical presence and the use of force in the same way that stealing implies the use of stealth and subtlety.

The Skank reminds me of an Italian friend who got very upset with his American girlfriend when, while feeling frisky, she told him “I want you bad”. Since “ti voglio bene” (You I want good) actually means “I love you”, he thought she was angry and was telling him that she hated him based on his too-literal translation of her statement. Of course, since Italians are so unexcitable and readily responsive to cool reason, the matter was quickly explained and resolved….

I think the ad is brilliant, as it appeals to men by mocking the clueless nice girls who insist on giving their hearts* to overtly predatory boys, and it appeals to women by giving them something to complain about. Women like nothing better than to portray themselves as victims, this ad is simply appealing to that female mindset which is, ironically enough, exhibited in full E-F-F-E-C-T in the comments at the linked site.

I continue to wonder why these individuals, most of whom are most eloquent about their rejection of religion and the morality derived from it, continue to express any moral objection to the act of rape. If morality is derived from evolved consensus and the social consensus is that rape is acceptable, then it is obvious that rape is entirely moral, the subjective opinion of the raped individual notwithstanding.

* Note to Shakespeare’s Sister: by using this phrase, I do not mean to indicate that a surgical operation has taken place, with or without the consent of the girl or her parents.