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Women are not selfish

And they’re all super nice totally smart sex goddesses who only want world peace and universal applause for every expressed opinion and personal decision, however momentary:

The guilt over sex and food that women feel shows how deeply misogynist the notion of female “selfishness” is. Most of the time, the word “selfish” marks a behavior that is indulged for self at the expense of someone else, but when women are accused of selfishness for creating $51 billion in health care costs eating or spreading venereal diseases fucking, the behavior in question doesn’t actually hurt anyone else.

And you can see what a vicious cycle it is. Men hate women, which makes women feel bad, which makes women eat, which makes them fat, which makes men not want to have sex with them, which makes women feel bad, which makes women eat more… except for those women who deal with the pain of suffering mysogyny by attempting to win men’s approval through promiscuous sex, which makes men want to have sex with more than one of them, which makes women feel bad, which makes women seek male approval through more sex….

Women are not selfish, you see, they’re just sad and suffering. Except they’re not and they don’t need your contemptible patriarchal pity, they’re strong independent woman who don’t need a man, just a box of Krispy Kremes and a were-seal romance novel.

Still, speaking as a proud, pro-sex member of the Patriarchy, I’m delighted to learn that I have feminist sanction for having sex with anyone I want any time I like secure in the knowledge that I am not being selfish or hurting anyone.

You go, grrl!

Another feminist flop

I do enjoy watching their much-ballyhooed icons implode. Anyone who knows anything about sports knew that Michelle Wie was unlikely to ever be a champion of any kind, let alone one capable of playing with the big boys:

Even against the men, Michelle Wie hasn’t shot this big a number since she was in the ninth grade.

Wie’s woes continued Saturday at the LPGA Championship when she shot an 11-over 83 at Bulle Rock, leaving her in last place by five shots among the 84 players who made the cut and uncertain if she would show up for the final round….

An LPGA Tour official clarified midway through the back nine that “Rule 88,” in which non-tour members are banned for a year if they fail to break 88, would not be an issue because it only applies before the cut is made. A week ago, Wie withdrew at 14 over par with two holes to play with a bad wrist, raising speculation that she was worried about losing the rest of her LPGA Tour schedule with two more bogeys.

People always forget that because women mature faster than men, many women will never be any more athletically capable than they were in ninth grade. Every year, in track-and-field, eighth and ninth grade girls win state championships and the newspapers predict that they might be dominant for the next four years. And while this does happen occasionally in the case of an unusually talented athlete, usually their performance begins to decline their junior year.

That’s not necessarily the case in sports wherein experience and practice is as important as raw athletic ability. But golf is a game that is as much, if not more, mental than physical, and Wie has always been mentally shaky despite her physical abilities. I thought it was a huge mistake to throw her in with the men at a very young age; it increasingly looks as if those pushing her to compete at a higher level than she was ready for have succeeded in destroying her confidence and possibly even her career at the less-competitive level of the Ladies PGA.

I always appreciate female athletes who demonstrate respect for their sport by refusing to play along with the feminist cheerleaders. Mia Hamm, in particular, was great when after numerous reporters who knew nothing about soccer asked her how badly the World Cup-winning US women’s team would beat the men’s team. She just looked at them as if they were insane and answered them accordingly.