The wisdom of Wenger

It’s hard to see Henry go, but I have absolutely no doubt that this is the right time, in fact, last year would have arguably been even better. Arsene Wenger is a master at buying low and selling high; Henry had his opportunity to lead the team to a European title and he demonstrated that for all his brilliance, he couldn’t quite get it done. If he finishes better two years ago, Arsenal are European champs….

But he’s had a phenomenal run at Arsenal, he’s given the club his best years and I’m sure every Gunners’ fan wishes him well at Barca. In any event, it was really in the best interests of Arsenal FC that he go now, while he still commanded a high transfer fee.

They’ve got the new stadium, the Henry issue is resolved, now if they can just get Arsene signed to a long-term contract….

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