For the brain-dead-to-be

Father George Rutler on the benefits of kindergarten:

I urge you to keep your child out of kindergarten, because kindergarten will only lead to first grade and then the grim sequence of grade after grade begins and takes its inexorable toll on the mind born fertile but gradually numbed by the pedants who impose on the captive child the flotsam of their own infecundity.”

Kindergarten is a German word. Its literal translation is “garden of the children” but it really means “to make children into good Chermans”. Which is fine, assuming that you’re a Nazi.

Republican fruitcakes

Will the last heterosexual Republican politician please turn out the lights:

U.S. Sen. Larry Craig pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct this month after his arrest in a Minneapolis airport men’s room by an undercover officer who said Craig was sending signals that he wanted to have sex….

When Craig was arrested, police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport were conducting a sting operation to investigate allegations of lewd conduct at the airport’s main terminal.

He pleaded guilty, but he didn’t do it… that’s a spectacularly shaky PR strategy. I have to admit, I anticipated enjoying the Republican Party’s continued self-destruction, but I had no idea that it would turn out to be this amusing. At this point, it looks as if Hillary’s landslide might exceed Reagan’s historic Mondale-slapping.

It seems the policy of substituting pragmatism for principle comes with a whole host of problems I’d never anticipated.

UPDATE – Apparently there have been rumors circulating about the Gay Old Party senator for some time now.