Paglia administers a beatdown

But… but… but the Republicans assured us for years that Iraq had absolutely nothing in common with Vietnam!

To end the Vietnam War fiasco, the U.S. did exactly what you are calling for in this Iraq fiasco: Get out now! We did get out in Nam and immediately, and nearly 3 million innocent souls were slaughtered by Pol Pot. Question: Are you not even a bit concerned that another “killing fields” situation will occur, as will surely come to pass this time in much larger numbers?

“The idea that millions of Iraqis would be slaughtered in a new Holocaust is a paranoid fantasy promulgated by the Bush administration to manipulate popular emotion in the U.S., where knowledge of world geography and history has shrunk decade by decade, thanks to our mediocre public education and our shallow, timid and increasingly frivolous mainstream media.”

Word ’em up! The answer is obviously to withdraw from Iraq and invade the public schools. Wipe out the terrorist educators and their sympathizers in the media!