Even the English understand

Simon Jenkins correctly sees that the only serious threat is within:

There may be young Muslims and their teachers with a vested interest in talking up such a war. There are those in the West with the same interest, such as the booming armaments and security industries with their think tanks and lobbyists.

Such vested interests need to be exposed as such. To portray Islam as a whole as a concerted threat to western security, and to imply that the West’s democratic institutions and freedoms are not proof against that threat, is absurd and close to treason.

Merely ending Muslim immigration and sending non-citizens home would be enough to end the only genuine threat Muslims pose anywhere in the West, which is demographic. The fact that the West’s leaders won’t do that while pointing to Iranian and Saudi Arabian Muslims as proving the imminent need for restricting Western freedom tends to show that they are, in fact, entirely treasonous.

Stephen Colbert cracks the NYT

They should replace Maureen Dowd with him every week:

I’d like to thank Maureen Dowd for permitting/begging me to write her column today. As I type this, she’s watching from an overstuffed divan, petting her prize Abyssinian and sipping a Dirty Cosmotinijito. Which reminds me: Before I get started, I have to take care of one other bit of business:

Bad things are happening in countries you shouldn’t have to think about. It’s all George Bush’s fault, the vice president is Satan, and God is gay.

There. Now I’ve written Frank Rich’s column too.

I’d certainly rather vote for Colbert than for Clinton or Giuliani.

A Week Six lament

My Manning sits over the bye week,
My Manning sits down this weekend.
My Manning sits on my bench roster,
Please bring back my Manning, my friend.

It’s a good thing I’m enjoying watching the games, because both my fantasy teams are totally shot. That’s the last time I make the mistake of creating two practically identical teams….