A cheer too far

The white supremacists in the Washington Redskins organization have really gone too far! As if it’s not reprehensible enough that the organization would portray the noble, peace-loving Native Americans of the Potomac Basin as warlike savages, but as this incriminating photo Sports Illustrated proves, from they are now dressing their cheerleaders as Pocahontas!

Why don’t they just have Joe Gibbs pretend to “scalp” a big fat white guy before the game the next time they host Philadelphia?

This is an intentional slap in the face of decency, equal rights and human dignity! Hurrah for Bill Belichick, who is apparently the only man brave and color-blind enough to show his well-deserved disgust for the evil, racist ethnocentrism of the Washington Redskins. Daniel Snyder and his front office Nazis should be fined by the league and forced to undergo cultural awareness classes until they change the name to something less contemptuous of humanity, like maybe the Cowboys. Or Vikings.

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