First Childress, now this

The sens and dattirs of Norway are reeling:

“This is a bit of a slap in the face,” Janet Rog, 74, said of Norway’s recent announcement that it would shut its career consulate here [in Minneapolis] next year and send the diplomats home.

The consulate, opened in 1906 and upgraded in 1946 to its current status as consulate general, is a point of pride for the Upper Midwest, which is home to more Norwegian-Americans than any other region of the country.

On a brighter note, perhaps Somalia will consider opening one soon.

The disappearing Dutchman

Multiculti foolishness squared:

One was a Somali refugee, the other an Argentine investment banker. Both are now high-profile Dutch women challenging this country to rethink its national identity. Princess Maxima, the Argentine-born wife of Crown Prince Willem Alexander, triggered a round of national soul-searching with a speech last month about what exactly it means to be Dutch in an age of mass migration.

“The Netherlands is too complex to sum up in one cliche,” she said. “A typical Dutch person doesn’t exist.”

How to destroy a nation in three easy steps:

1. Grant universal suffrage.
2. Permit mass migration. At least they got the term correct for once, it’s not “immigration”.
3. Act surprised when your society is transformed beyond all recognition.

Actually, you can skip that last step if you want to, but an awful lot of people seem to require it given their unthinking embrace of steps (1) and (2). If a traditional Dutch person doesn’t exist anymore, it’s because traditional Dutch society has been destroyed.

Leaving science in the dust

Strangely enough, my understanding of evolution would appear to have been somewhat in advance of Scott Hatfield’s:

In fact, the current hum-sci buzz is that a groundbreaking new paper is about to come out, authored by some big names in biology, arguing that not only has natural selection been at work through human history, it has actually been accelerating.

Suddenly that question about the average rate of TENS doesn’t look quite so clueless anymore, does it.