Victory in Alterac Valley

Spacebunny has a theory that men are always proud of the wrong things. That may be, but in any case, I am EXTREMELY proud of the Alliance’s performance in my first opportunity to act as its Battleground Leader in Alterac. The previous battle, we’d had a BL who didn’t have any grasp on strategy, and although we fought all right there was little sense of purpose and we would up losing by 50 or so. I racked up something like 143 kills and got nipped at the end for the most damage by another hunter, but it was obvious that it was going to be all for naught quite early on.

But today, as soon as I saw that I was BL, I immediately began haranguing everyone and explaining what we needed to to do win. I initially got mixed results, as only one of the nine I’d ordered to Stonehearth actually joined me there but most of the other thirty ignored Snowfall and went straight for Iceblood as I’d demanded. The two of us at Stonehearth got immediately overrun by a group and a half of Horde, of course, but the fact that I’d predicted this – and tore them a new one for stupidly allowing it to happen anyhow – inspired enough fighters to drop the extraneous silliness and take it back before it started pumping out live Horde. The shock of seeing we were actually nominally in the lead after 100 casualties for each side seemed to inspire them further, especially when I began berating by name the four idiots who were wasting their time fighting over Snowfall. The levels seemed pretty even, possibly even to their favor as I only saw two Hordes lower than 58 throughout the entire battle. But we fought very well; one night elf rogue was the absolute MVP, roaming all around the north, well away from the major action in the south, taking out single Hordies that were trying to steal isolated bunkers and towers. The bulk of our forces held onto Iceblood despite the constant onslaught from an increasingly desperate Horde, while the much smaller crew with me at Stonehearth beat back three furious attempts to take the graveyard there, as well as five or six opportunistic attempts on the nearby bunkers and Balinda.

Despite the initial indiscipline, the warband held together amazingly well throughout the endgame, resisting the temptation to go after Galv until we’d taken and burned the two southern towers. Everything went so smoothly and methodically that I only had 8 kills and dealt out insignificant damage despite the fact that we utterly destroyed the cursed Frostwolves, 321-0. That’s a 371-point turnaround in a 600-point game. And yes, I am indeed extremely proud of that.

The moral of the story: strategy matters.

No accident

Justin Raimondo considers the recent spate of cable-cutting “accidents”:

In a piece headlined “Cable cutter nutters chase conspiracy theories,” The Register goes out of its way to laugh off the prospect that what we are witnessing is a military operation, or the prelude to one, sniffing “there’s little more than suspicions to work with” since we’ve yet to reach the damaged cables. Yet, given the sort of government we are dealing with – a regime that lied us into one war, and is not-so-subtly trying to finagle us into yet another one – why shouldn’t we be suspicious? We’d have to be crazy not to be.

The Economist follows suit, sneering at “internet conspiracy theories” and denouncing the whole brouhaha as an “online frenzy” that is “way out of line.” Yet one has to wonder: four cable cuts in the past week?

I have only two things to say on the matter. 1) Conspiracy theory is the only theory of history that holds up to historical analysis. Only the stupid and profoundly ignorant can dismiss anything on the basis of it being conspiracy theory. This does not, of course, mean that all conspiracy theories are correct, that would be impossible. 2) Four accidents in a week in a potential war zone is neither a coincidence nor a series of accidents.

What part of the concept of “information war” do these people not understand?

The r3volution continues

It’s not merely about Ron Paul. It never was, and it won’t be in the future:

Whoa! What a year this has been. And what achievements we have had. If I may quote Trotsky of all people, this Revolution is permanent. It will not end at the Republican convention. It will not end in November. It will not end until we have won the great battle on which we have embarked. Not because of me, but because of you. Millions of Americans — and friends in many other countries — have dedicated themselves to the principles of liberty: to free enterprise, limited government, sound money, no income tax, and peace. We will not falter so long as there is one restriction on our persons, our property, our civil liberties. How much I owe you. I can never possibly repay your generous donations, hard work, whole-hearted dedication and love of freedom. How blessed I am to be associated with you. Carol, of course, sends her love as well.

Let me tell you my thoughts. With Romney gone, the chances of a brokered convention are nearly zero. But that does not affect my determination to fight on, in every caucus and primary remaining, and at the convention for our ideas, with just as many delegates as I can get. But with so many primaries and caucuses now over, we do not now need so big a national campaign staff, and so I am making it leaner and tighter. Of course, I am committed to fighting for our ideas within the Republican party, so there will be no third party run. I do not denigrate third parties — just the opposite, and I have long worked to remove the ballot-access restrictions on them. But I am a Republican, and I will remain a Republican….

I have plans to continue fighting for our ideas in politics and education that I will share with you when I can, for I will need you at my side. In the meantime, onward and upward! The neocons, the warmongers, the socialists, the advocates of inflation will be hearing much from you and me.

As I have stated from the very beginning, Ron Paul always had the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell to win the Republican nomination. His campaign wasn’t, and isn’t, about that. That’s why he will formally stay in the race rather than lining up behind McCain like Romney and the others. Paul knows very well what the future is likely to bring – I’ve been expecting it since 2003 – and he knows that an organizational core is needed to help the nation recover from the economic and political chaos that lies ahead. That core now exists and millions of people now know about the alternative to the rescue-by-bigger government that is the solution that is now and will continue to be on offer.

No doubt some of you will be disappointed. Others will be angry. You shouldn’t be. The national debate has shifted because of Ron Paul and it will continue to shift further as the bankrupcty of the big government Republicans and the haplessness of the bigger government Democrats becomes ever more clear. Remember, Goldwater had to lose that Reagan might one day rise. As Paul is better than Goldwater, so too can we hope that the future Reagan will be better than the Great Communicator himself.

In the meantime, since my formal endorsement was rejected by the campaign due to my dangerous controversiality, I really do need to find a new candidate for the 2008 election… and while I wish our own David Caldwell the very best of luck, I’m currently leaning towards this guy.