Verdict: guilty on all counts. That is all.

If nations had marketing departments

No doubt flags would look rather like these.

Since we’re on the subject, sort of

If the Champenois and the Reggianese got away with it, why shouldn’t the Lesbians?

Residents on the Greek island of Lesbos have declared that they alone have the right to call themselves lesbians, and yesterday launched a legal action against the Greek Gay and Lesbian Union (Olke) designed to wrest back control of the word from aficionados of Sapphic luuurv.

Second pass

As you can probably see, the wildly popular “comments on the main page” are gone. The post page is now operative and later in the week the window option will be as well. Is there interest in being able to collapse and reverse order the post page comments or do you think that should be reserved for the window? (The window is actually a frame, to be precise.)

Note that clicking on the number of comments in the post page will refresh the post page. There isn’t an alert that new comments have appeared yet, but there will be. If you have any ideas on this score, this would be the time to mention them. On a stylistic note, while it’s nice that the comments integrate with the blog’s color scheme so well, the dark blue namebars tend to look a bit overwhelming. If you think you’ve got a better color scheme in mind, please make specific suggestions complete with the HTML color references.

Hair of the dog

The Fed attempts to expand its reach:

The Federal Reserve could use proposed new regulatory powers to try to stop credit and asset market excesses from reaching the point where they threaten economic stability, the US Treasury said on Tuesday. David Nason, assistant secretary for financial institutions, said the Fed could even use its proposed “macro-prudential” authority to order banks, hedge funds and other entities to curtail strategies that put financial stability at risk.

Interesting. Because they created the credit and asset market excesses that threaten economic stability with their inflationary monetary policies, the Fed’s prescription is to give it… yet more power. That’s going to work about as well as injecting cobra venom as an antidote for a coral snake bite.

A different perspective

Than the one being painted by the media of late. Obviously, the situation is not something that I have any interest in discussing here, but the Responsible Puppet’s recent encounter with mortality has him contemplating our shared past. Of course, I would be deeply remiss if I did not point out that while losing one dad is a tragedy, losing two smacks of carelessness….

Disowning the black community

Rich Lowry is unimpressed by the Magic Negro:

What’s been most disturbing about this entire episode is how dishonest Obama has been, from his pretense that he didn’t know about Wright’s radicalism to his excuse now that Wright has somehow become a different person. How insulting that he thinks we’d buy any of this.

As I mentioned previously, the magic is gone. And no, I would not put it past Team Clinton to have slipped a few pieces of silver to encourage the good Rev. Wright to sell out a man who was trying to gently slide him under the bus. If this isn’t enough to relegate Obama to the vice-presidency, look for more “surprises”.