Discuss amongst yourselves

Monday’s column: “Why the Bailout Didn’t Work”. A deeper, more inexplicable mystery would be “Why Vox Didn’t Start Peyton Manning”.

The moral imperative of not voting

Rod Dreher decides not to vote for either Obama or McCain next month:

Both parties have run the country into the ground, and I have no faith – none – in the leadership class in Washington. With any luck, the 2010 midterm elections will see true mavericks arise from the grassroots of both parties to challenge the incumbents. This year, though, voting in the presidential and congressional contests only gives voters the chance to affirm Washington’s rent-seeking, self-serving status quo. Granted, anything could happen between now and Election Day that would change my mind. But absent something extraordinary, I’m going to reject both the Republican and the Democrat.

Say what you will, but that will be the first presidential vote I’ve cast, so to speak, that I can truly believe in.

As I wrote recently myself, the only wasted vote this year is the one for the Republican candidate

Christianity to grow in Iran

As Christians are executed in other nations, I have little doubt that American atheists will ignore this example of religious persecution even though it could theoretically affect Iranian atheists and will instead continue to wax hysterical about imaginary persecutions at the hands of nonexistent Western “dominionists”:

A month ago, the Iranian parliament voted in favour of a draft bill, entitled “Islamic Penal Code”, which would codify the death penalty for any male Iranian who leaves his Islamic faith. Women would get life imprisonment. The majority in favour of the new law was overwhelming: 196 votes for, with just seven against….

“As the number of converts from Islam grows,” notes Ms Papadouris, “apostasy has again become a serious concern for the Iranian government.” In addition to 10,000 Christian converts living in Iran, there are several hundred thousand Baha’is who are deemed apostates.

And yet, no atheists? How very peculiar!