Stealth migrationists

Mickey Kaus catches out both McCain and Obama:

Most telling passage:. Two times, if I remember right, McCain rattled off long lists of occasions when he had gone against his party, and each time he left off “immigration,” his most salient anti-GOP heresy. Once Obama had an opening to back up his charge that McCain was an unreliable champion of “comprehensive immigration reform.” He didn’t take it. This suggests that both candidates recognize that pushing “comprehensive immigration reform”–i.e. legalization–is a loser with the general electorate. Or it’s at least very risky.

A salient observation. Isn’t it also telling how in supposedly democratic America, there’s never any substantive national debate over the important issues that have long-term impact on the direction of the country?

The slow death of National Review

Katharine Lopez unsurprisingly declared the debate to be a McCain victory in her eyes, and then goes on to demonstrate up why the landmark magazine has become irrelevant.:

Most of my e-mails tonight look like this: “Your title and post “I Just Don’t Get” present a crystallization of Cornerite obtuseness and delusion that is almost haiku-like in its succinct perfection.

Look, here’s the thing. That, my friends, is the very model of how a contemptuous email is to be written. America. Children. Do it for them. Hope! Change!