Quiz tomorrow

Sorry, gang, but it’s not quite finished yet. I’ll post it for you all tomorrow. Think of it as a last-minute reprieve to brush up a bit. To spur you on, I leave you with this inspiring image, complete with Obama and a unicorn.

Sadly, no rainbows.

Pharyngulan impotence

Scientific evidence that science is for losers:

An Australian study into the sexual history of 185 students at the University of Sydney found male science “nerds” were the least likely to have had sexual intercourse.

If you want to banish an annoying Pharyngulan, it’s not actually the sign of the Cross over the chest that’s the most effective. It’s the sign of the L on the forehead. You know it kills them that every evangelical church and lunatic pagan astrology cult is filled with pretty young women who would be nauseated at the thought of a too-close encounter with their soft, pasty-white scientist bodies even if those bodies weren’t accompanied by the ubiquitous social autism of the self-described rationalist.

Perhaps one of these days Pharyngulans will wake up to the fact that the reason their ever-so-important scientific endeavors are so poorly rewarded is because they don’t hold any substantive material value for anyone. The fact that a large pack of avowed materialists can’t figure this out between them should suffice to demonstrate the plastic popguns that pass for intellectual firepower there.

At least they’ll always have their science degrees. I suppose there’s some consolation in that. It’s such a pity that Archbishop Dawkins didn’t have this evidence on hand to bolster his assertion of the superiority of atheist morals. He could have called it the Argument from Imposed Purity.

The importance of college

Lest you wonder why I don’t faint with awe at the sight of a flashed university degree:

Genius #1: Yeah! It’s fucked up! You can shoot yourself and anyone else you want in Texas, and you won’t get in trouble!

Genius #2: Man, that’s messed up. Are you serious?

Genius #1: Totally serious, dude! People can have all the guns they want, no limit, and they can legally shoot whoever they want! I’m serious dude! Watch the news!

Genius #2: Fuuuuuck, man. That ain’t right. No wonder they have so much crime down here.

I have travelled the world over and I have never been surrounded by more clueless idiots than when I was attending an expensive university on the East Coast. My favorite moment of observable madness was when the young woman with the second-highest GPA in the Economics department demanded to know why the USA didn’t deal with the problem of storing nuclear waste by sending it up on the Space Shuttle.

And yes, this was post-Challenger….