While I understand Joseph Farah’s annoyance with Wikipedia, I’m not that concerned about it. Anyone who actually uses the online encyclopedia knows that it’s not reliable when it comes to the discussion of any controversial figure, especially anyone whose views aren’t in accordance with the idiot college lefties who defensively squat on every entry of interest to them.

There’s no shortage of errors in the entry about me, but I think the most egregious may be the recent modification which states I am “supposedly a libertarian“.

Now, consider the facts. I oppose the drug war, support the legalization of all drugs, support legal prostitution, assert the right to absolute self-title, and repeatedly write about the evils of central government and advocate stringent limitations on its power. The only two formal positions of the Libertarian Party with which I take issue are abortion and open immigration, both of which can be very well justified on pure libertarian grounds, (the former), and practical libertarian grounds, (the latter). In my pragmatic preference for universal democracy over limited representative democracy, I’m more genuinely democratic than most despite my skepticism about the societal viability of women’s, children’s and foreigner’s suffrage. I am demonstrably more of a pure libertarian than most of the quasi-Republicans and libertine Democrats who attempt to appropriate the name.

In short, if I’m not actually a libertarian, then who is?

Does Obama own his own house?

I suppose this bizarre document might explain why he was in such a hurry to move into Blair House:

This is another scandal that just keeps growing. When it first became known that Rezko helped Obama buy his house, Obama himself called the deal “boneheaded”. Now things look much worse, because Rezko‘s lawyer owns the house. His name is William Miceli, and Obama formerly worked for him.

I have no idea if the Assessment Record for Cook County is, in fact, conclusive proof that William Miceli owns the property at 5046 Greenwood. I don’t even know that 5046 Greenwood is Obama’s current address. And I don’t understand how the Obamas could – or would – claim a mortgage deduction on a house they didn’t own.

So, perhaps there’s a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this. But there certainly appears to be no shortage of corruption and scandal surrounding the president-elect. Between the birth certificate, the Blago scandal, Rahm “21 calls” Emmanuel, the Rezko ties and now this house thing, one begins to wonder if the guy will even make it to Inaugural Day without getting arrested.