This is the post for today’s NFL and VPFL discussions. I can’t decide if I’m rooting for Alamo City or Burns, as it’s hard to tell if it will be more annoying or amusing if Nate manages to win a VPFL championship. That he’ll be obnoxious is, of course, a given. I’m a bit concerned about Adrian Peterson being overused and getting hit by The Curse of 370. He’s already had 320 carries this year and is projected for 366 which doesn’t include a playoff game. Considering that he’s already got an ankle injury, I’d just as soon see him sit and put the load on Chester Taylor’s back. What’s the point of having an excellent backup if you’re not going to use him when it matters?

At the Black Gate III

This week’s post at Black Gate may be of some interest even to those who don’t read fantasy fiction, as I underline the obvious link between a famous essay of Poul Anderson’s and the 2005 essay I wrote for the Revisiting Narnia anthology. I note that although “On Thud and Blunder” appears to have had an amount of impact on the field with regards to the need to pay more attention to realism, that obviously didn’t hold true for one particular area to which Anderson himself specifically drew attention.

Mailvox: school vs reality

TS brings this XKCD cartoon to our attention accompanied by the word that he’s reluctantly beginning to grasp the essential irrelevance of group “learning”.