What men want

Flirting with the TMI line, Ace nevertheless sums it up accurately enough:

It’s baffling that women’s magazines even exist. All those wasted pages on “How to Keep Your Man.” Any article on this topic that contains more than three words (“Screw him lots”) is missing the big picture and dwelling on trivialities.

To be honest, I’m not sure which is more pathetic. The fact that most men are so utterly and irredeemably simple or the fact that most women are so utterly stupid that they can’t figure out a binary relationship.

It’s not rocket science. Daily sex will usually make for a mutually stimulating relationship. Twice-weekly sex will usually make for a neutral and stable relationship. Sex once a month or less will usually lead to an affair and/or a divorce. There just might be a reason the Bible instructs men not to turn down their wives and women not to turn down their husbands, given that it also informs us that God looks askance on divorce.

Of course, if you’re a man or woman who genuinely prefers watching television, well, you don’t need to be married to do that anyhow.

Let them drown in red ink

I have to admit, I really love the stimulus package. I love the massive onslaught of liberal spending on everything from condoms to public schools. I want to see the American people absolutely and utterly crushed beneath the weight of the government services they demanded in democratic election after democratic election, because it’s the only way three generations of idiots will be forced to acknowledge the obvious:

In 2005, the state Supreme Court ruled that the education of Kansas schoolchildren was in peril because the Kansas Legislature had not spent enough on the state’s schools. Despite the fact that by every recognized measure, Kansas schools already were near or at the top in most state rankings, the court imposed spending increases that are now helping push the state into a deep budget crisis….

Research conducted for the University of Kansas Business School’s Center for Applied Economics by Dr. Florence Neymotin, a Kansas State University assistant professor of economics, shows the massive increase of school funding in Kansas between the years 1997 and 2006 so far has had “little evidence of improving student outcomes as measured by test scores.”

Shocking, isn’t it? The next thing you know, the experts will discover that every federal dollar spent doesn’t actually deliver a 5x multiple in economic growth. A few more years of this and they may even be ready for the concept of “water is wet”.

Voxiversity III possibilities

Now that everyone is getting ready for the final, it’s time to go ahead and start kicking around possibilities for the next book study. Here’s my initial thoughts on the subject, but feel free to argue the case for your favored candidate:

The Aeneid: Pros – new translation is pretty good. Cons – I’ve never actually been able to finish it.

Liberal Fascism: Pros – likely relevant to the new administration, nice segue from Rothbard’s AGD. Cons – no free texts available.

Herodotus: Pros – Lovely Landmark edition. Cons – are we really ready for another history already?

The Wealth of Nations: Pros – Classic economics text. Cons – More econ?