Speed at the Combine

I think I’m pleased that the Vikings appear likely to pick up Sage Rosenfels. If nothing else, he’s demonstrated that he’s a competent NFL quarterback and he’s not going to cost them too much either. I think I’d still consider drafting a project in the later rounds, though, as I think it’s unlikely that Rosenfels will ever be an elite quarterback. Still, he can’t be worse than the Tarvaris Jackson Experiment or the Frerotte Interception Machine.

By the way, all the talk about 40 times got me curious, so I looked up my old times. It seems I was just a bit faster than Reggie Bush, at 4.32 to his 4.33. However, one thing I didn’t realize is that at the Combine times are artificially fast compared to track times, since at the Combine the timing is started in reaction to the player’s movement, whereas track starts are in reaction to the gun. Under those easier conditions, I think I might have had a shot at going under 4.3.

In fairness, I have to point out that very few football players have any idea how to start. I wasn’t especially good out of the blocks, but I was once challenged by the fastest rugby player at the university. He beat me when we started standing up on grass and ran the length of the rugby field, but when we raced 55m on the track, I blew him away by several steps. So, technique obviously makes a difference.

Dammit, I should have played cornerback….

The Little Old Ones

I think Jamie will rather like this one. It’s a very good quasi-remake of Blackbox’s Ride on Time by J-ax, a Milanese rapper, called I Vecchietti Fanno O. It’s very catchy and is on all the time at the gym lately. The lyrics are actually rather smart, describing how his “iron generation” has aged without maturing.

How do you, how do you, how do you
Get old without maturity?
It will touch us, it will touch us
Getting old without maturity.

While the song is openly celebratory of this lifelong immaturity, with amusing lines about putting a DJ on the dance floor of the old folks home and how it will be surprising if anyone lives long enough to make it there given the Cold War and the way everyone used tanning beds, one shouldn’t mistake the cynical attitude underneath it either. I Vecchietti Fanno O is a very Generation X response to the Baby Boomers and their My Generation theme. There’s no bathetic posturing about hoping to die before one gets old, merely a desire to preserve a youthful mentality in old age. Let’s face it, there’s no doubt that some of us will be playing Nintendo Wii, or the 2050 equivalent, in the retirement home.

As a one-time lyricist myself, I especially liked the way he turned the repetition of “You’re such a…” into “I already know it”, which in Italian sounds almost identical to the English. And it’s interesting that Italians are about the only European nationality that has flow, although the language is certainly a big help with its easy rhymes.

Why do women feel so angry?

The answer, quite obviously, is because they’re stupid:

I’m filled with a permanent nebulous, undirected rage that my life has become a Gordian knot of obligations, responsibilities, guilt, duties and expectations. I can’t even go for a walk in the park without factoring in the needs of half a dozen people. I resent that every second of my day is owned by someone else….

Unlike a man, I just can’t seem to find it in me to say ‘No’.

Not all women are angry. Not all women have multiple marriages, step-children, children, and full-time careers, while also harboring ambitions to become a writer and/or a mermaid princess. This woman has completely failed to understand the basic concept of opportunity cost; when middle-class women were told by men that they could not have it all, that it was impossible to have a serious career and be a good wife and mother, too many of them shrieked “sexist” and blithely proceeded to plunge themselves into impossible situations. You’ve come a long way, baby, now shut up and take it like the man you wanted to be.

I have no sympathy whatsoever for these idiotic, overscheduled, pride-filled women who are far more concerned for their public image than for their families or their jobs. My sympathies are reserved for the children whose lives they are ruining, the men who mysteriously choose to put up with them, the nannies who have to pick up the pieces after them, and the societies that are in decline in part because of them.

She wants to be acknowledged? By all means, let us freely acknowledge that women of this sort are foolish, short-sighted, functionally stupid, and most of all, a regrettable artifact of a peculiar moment in history that will soon be gone.

WND column

War or wu-wei?

Last week, I explained the purpose of Obama’s $787 billion stimulus bill and why it is doomed to fail. Intriguingly, Wall Street’s massive vote of no confidence in the bill, which saw the Dow Jones Industrial Average drop 6.2 percent last week and smash through significant technical support at 7,550, seems to have shaken the confidence of some of the economists who had most strongly supported the stimulus notion.

After reading Krugman’s blog post attacking the Gilded Age this weekend, I’m a little less convinced that he’s moving away from his previous position. Instead, it’s entirely possible that he’s simply demonstrating intellectual incoherence, as he doesn’t seem to realize that part of what he wrote in that post directly contradicts what was written in the NYT column published a few days later. And it should be very interesting to see what the neokeyns make of Obama’s proposal to cut the budget deficit by raising taxes and reducing some spending, as an untimely focus on deficit reduction is precisely why they claim FDR’s New Deal wasn’t properly applied Keynesianism.