American Stasi

To me, it’s less offensive that the Wisconsin court decided that it’s acceptable for the police to plant GPS tracking devices without a warrant. The problem is that the police want to do it in the first place:

Wisconsin police can attach GPS to cars to secretly track anybody’s movements without obtaining search warrants, an appeals court ruled Thursday. However, the District 4 Court of Appeals said it was “more than a little troubled” by that conclusion and asked Wisconsin lawmakers to regulate GPS use to protect against abuse by police and private individuals. As the law currently stands, the court said police can mount GPS on cars to track people without violating their constitutional rights — even if the drivers aren’t suspects.

As I have said many times before, the police are not on your side. They consider you to be the enemy, at best, the potential enemy. In light of this, the only rational response is for the American citizenry to view them in precisely the same way. Don’t kid yourself. If their superiors ever decide to order them to do what numerous other authoritarian governments have ordered their police and security forces to do in the past, I will be surprised if a single one of them will have the courage to resign, let alone resist. They’ll just follow orders and do it, regardless of whether that involves spying on citizens, hunting for constitutionally-protected arms, or rounding up Juden.

WND column

Ron Paul was Right

Less than five years after Karl Rove mused openly about the possibility of Republican dominance for decades – an idea which was absurd at the time – the Republican Party finds itself in disarray. The moderate wing is showing itself to be as RINO as ever, and in one case, that of Sen. Arlen Specter, the pretense is finally over. It goes without saying that the moderates are wrong; their advice to do as the Democrats do, only a little less enthusiastically, not only betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamic nature of electoral politics in a democracy, but ignores the fact that this was essentially George W. Bush’s approach to governance.

The Dijongate Drama

Legal Insurrection on the conspiracy of culinary silence:

My two posts on the televised Obama/Biden burger joint visit and Obama’s request for Dijon mustard, MSNBC Hides Obama’s Dijon Mustard (aka Dijongate) and Thou Shall Not Mock Obama’s Mustard, generated enormous reaction. Neither of these posts was about mustard as such, but rather, the absurd extent to which the Obama administration went to create a “real guy kind of quality” image of Obama/Biden eating “Hell Burgers,” and how MSNBC played along like a loyal worshipper through its coverage and editing…. But there was a serious overall point, being the absurd image control and media fawning. Needless to say, the nutroots portrayed the posts as being a complaint about the type of mustard Obama used. A useful device of distortion straight from the Media Matters playbook.

Seeing how my posts were distorted was not terribly surprising; that is how things go on the internet. The level of vitriol was something I knew existed, but had never personally experienced. As crazed as the published comments were, there were others I didn’t publish telling me to kill myself and do other things, and plenty of bizarre e-mails. All of these people made fools of themselves.

The reaction proved one thing I already knew: The cult of personality surrounding Obama is real. And many of the cultists are demented, dangerous or both.

As the professor says, it’s not exactly news that Obama has an insane cult of personality. As the Other McCain points out, this is just more evidence that “MSNBC and other major media are… doing public relations for the Obama administration and the Democratic Party.” What I find much more interesting is that MSNBC apparently believes it is somehow possible to hide the fact that Obama is an effete elitist from the American public. It’s like trying to conceal Barney Frank’s homosexuality or Tommy Lee’s affinity for strippers.

If you think that little of your potential audience’s intelligence, you shouldn’t be surprised that no one watches you; they clearly aren’t capable of finding the on-switch. Most people are idiots, not algae.