Mailvox: anti-semitism

JpH takes the correct approach and asks a question rather than assume he knows the answer:

Do you support anti-Semitism? I don’t mind if the readers voice their opinions, no matter how silly they seem to be at times, but I just want to know if you agree with some of this very blatant anti-Semitism. I don’t assume that you do, but I am curious nonetheless.

In answer to the first question, no, I don’t support anti-Semitism, or Judenhassen, or whatever else you might want to call it. Being a libertarian, I tend to cast a very jaundiced eye on collectivist and group identity notions of every kind. To me, it makes no more sense to condemn today’s American Jews on the basis of the behavior of Jewish Bolshevists in Russia and Jewish Fascists in Italy than it does to hold today’s Romans responsible for the destruction of Carthage. One has to be a collectivist to think in such terms. Of course, because I am a libertarian, I also refuse to play thought police so long as people remain reasonably civil and I am an strong advocate of the Constitutional right of free association.

It’s not possible for me to answer the second question without more information, since I can’t know what JhP means by “this very blatant anti-Semitism” unless he details it. Is he suggesting that it is anti-Semitic to mention that some of today’s liberal fascists happen to be Jewish? Is it really anti-Semitic to provide a link to a video shot in Jerusalem which shows American Jews exhibiting a political perspective that most Americans would consider to be outside the mainstream? The world is what it is, regardless of how we might prefer it to be, and attempting to sweep the uncomfortable facts under the carpet accomplishes nothing.

One need not harbor any ill-will towards anyone to question, as Napoleon did, whether these young Jews are more loyal to their Israeli identity than they are to their American citizenship. Nor should one be surprised if the vast majority of the American people should fail to be anymore concerned about these obnoxious little idiots and their nation than they are about Bangladesh, Latvia, or Mali. Although I don’t support it any more than I support banking bailouts or $787 billion stimulus plans, I have little doubt that anti-Semitism in the United States will continue to rise. History clearly demonstrates that it is unwise and short-sighted for a small minority to attempt to exert significant political and financial power, because no matter how much they manage to accumulate, they will only hold it so long as they avoid sufficiently irritating the majority.

If the arrogance, entitlement and complete lack of awareness displayed by the young American Jews in the Blumenthal video is representative of the American Jewish elite, they would appear to be very unlikely to succeed in doing so. Now, if you happen to believe that someone who warns you of danger ahead and advises you to avoid it is an enemy, not an friend, well, I can’t say I’m terribly concerned about your opinion.

RWN’s Hot Conservative 15

Congratulations to the fifteen women who comprise the Right Wing News’s list of “The 15 Hottest Conservative Women In The New Media.” I may have my differences with a few of the nominees, but in important matters such as female attractiveness, I am capable of complete objectivity.

Because, after all, it’s what’s on the outside that counts.

The UK moves toward independence

The Daily Telegraph: The Conservatives took 28.6 per cent of the vote, with UKIP winning 17.4 per cent. Labour scored only 15.3 per cent, narrowly beating the Liberal Democrats on 13.9 per cent.

What the Tories had better learn fast is that if they don’t switch their position on Europe, UKIP is going to pass them up too. The English are quickly figuring out that it doesn’t matter what party holds a majority in Westminster when all the laws that matter are being passed in Brussels. And across the rest of Europe, it’s clear that the people hate the way the commissars of the EU have permitted immigrants to invade their countries en masse.

It’s no wonder the unelected EU Commission is so vehemently anti-democratic. They can’t afford to let the people have a voice in their own governance since nearly everything the Euro-elite stands for is directly contrary to the will of the people. The reason the socialist parties fared poorly across Europe is that everyone knows they are more pro-EU than the moderate parties currently in power. If those parties prove unwilling to significantly weaken the reach of Brussels, and based on some of William Hague’s comments last night, it would seem they are not, anti-EU parties such as UKIP and the BNP will come to dominate their national electorates far more rapidly than anyone presently believes possible.

WND column

Voxiversity III kicks off

During the eight years I have written this column for WND, I have received numerous requests for reading recommendations. And in eight years of receiving critical e-mails and blog comments, I have also discovered how poorly read most people who consider themselves to be informed and well-educated actually are. It seems that at some point, “education” became confused with “formal schooling” in the popular vernacular, which is a little bizarre when one considers that more than a few of man’s best-educated, most accomplished intellectuals spent very little time in anything that would be recognizable today as a school.