Now they’re just getting absurd

On the other hand, I suppose climate change that isn’t happening is every bit as dangerous as terrorists who aren’t attacking:

Massive crop devastation, melting glaciers, water shortages, millions of displaced people — all of these will drag the US military into conflict if global climate change goes unchecked, a Senate panel was warned today.

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing, convened by Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts, focused on what so far has received only modest attention in the climate change debate: the effect it is bound to have on national defense.

“Addressing the consequences of changes in the Earth’s climate is not simply about saving polar bears or preserving the beauty of mountain glaciers,” retired Navy Vice Adm. Lee F. Gunn, president of the American Security Project, told the panel. “Climate change is a threat to our national security.”

And frankly, even if AGW/CC was occurring, I don’t know if the U.S. military would be up to the challenge of defending the American people from rampaging super-evolved aquatic polar bears anyhow.

A feminist on modern "equality"

I marvel at the fact that people find it so difficult to grasp that equality not only does not exist, it cannot exist. But I suppose one must admit that this writer’s heart is in the right place, especially considering that she’s a feminist:

Bob and Jane are a middle class couple. They have two children. They get an amicable divorce. There is a custody hearing. Both of them are good parents. Both of them want to be the primary custody holder. Who gets the children? Seriously, every single time, unless Jane lights up a crack pipe in the courtroom she will get physical custody. Bob is expected by society to be happy with every other weekend and two weeks in the summer. Don’t believe me? What would you think if you heard that a woman only saw her children every other weekend and a few holidays? I PROMISE you would think, “What did she do to lose her kids?” But, with men, that’s just the way it goes, right?

The mythic concept of quality aside, current “family court” system is insane by any rational measure. Of course, everyone is deeply shocked when boys in these situations grow up to believe all women are sluts and whores and the girls are on the pole at eighteen. There are few things so easily predictable as societal failure, and yet most people not only refuse to see it developing, but remarkably, continue to subscribe to the idea of ongoing social progress.