Well, consider the source

EP sends a link informing us of Starcraft and negative sexual stereotypes:

I fear that Starcraft, along with nearly all modern computer games, alongside it’s addictively entertaining gameplay, and beautiful plotline, reinforces negative gender stereotypes by quantifying the women as sexual objects, and simultaneously as unknowable beasts.

First, if you’re looking to the game developers of the world for political correctness, you’re looking in the wrong place. I never much liked Tomb Raider as a game, but perhaps you’ll appreciate it more if you understand that the developers genuinely believed they were engaging in revolutionary gender outreach by making the protagonist a woman with large breasts, short shorts, and a gun. Second, I think it’s safe to say that women are nothing but unknown sexual objects to a sizable majority of the men employed in the games industry.

And right about now I’m bitterly regretting my decision to turn down the first Starcraft novelization. We will never know how much potential humor we have lost. When I think of all the misinterpretations of what I had intended for the Zerg….

Science and the failure of sisterhood

This may help explain why the best wingman is a pretty girl:

A new study provides evidence for what many have long suspected: that single women are much keener on pursuing a man who’s already taken than a singleton…. The most striking result was in the responses of single women. Offered a single man, 59 per cent were interested in pursuing a relationship. But when he was attached, 90 per cent said they were up for the chase.

I’ve long been aware that many women appear to pay absolutely no attention to the fact that a man deemed of interest is taken. Even being informed of the man’s marital status doesn’t seem to slow them down a bit, no doubt in part due to past experience of men who didn’t allow their marital status to get in the way of anything. But there is at least one extremely effective means of dealing with it. Women rapidly lose all interest in a man who is married to a woman they recognize as being out of their league. Smartphones with pictures are very helpful in this regard.

Hierarchy takes a different form in women than it does in men, but women are definitely hierarchical creatures too. It is really amusing the way a picture of a beautiful wife will often cause women to visibly reassess a man, in some cases inspiring them to literally step back and frown as they try to figure out how a man they rate at a certain level is with a woman they rank a few levels higher. The reason this is effective is because if there’s one thing more powerful than a woman’s attraction to a taken man, it’s her desire to avoid the humiliation of rejection.

I’d be interested to see a follow-up study with the women who expressed interest in the taken man being divided into three groups. One group would be shown a picture of a less-attractive woman, the second group would see a picture of a woman of about the same level of attractiveness as the woman in the study, and the third would be shown a picture of a much hotter woman. My hypothesis is that the third group would be far less interested in attempting a pursuit than the other two groups. In general, Angelinas steal from Jennifers, Jennifers don’t steal from Angelinas.

Scaring a liberal icon

If you’ve managed to scare Nat Hentoff with your policies, you can’t possibly claim that your opponents are all right-wingers motivated by race:

I was not intimidated during J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI hunt for reporters like me who criticized him. I railed against the Bush-Cheney war on the Bill of Rights without blinking. But now I am finally scared of a White House administration…. Emanuel writes about rationing health care for older Americans that “allocation (of medical care) by age is not invidious discrimination.” (The Lancet, January 2009) He calls this form of rationing — which is fundamental to Obamacare goals — “the complete lives system.” You see, at 65 or older, you’ve had more life years than a 25-year-old. As such, the latter can be more deserving of cost-efficient health care than older folks.

It’s always interesting to see how people use language to maneuver around the plain meaning of a term. Saying that a form of age-related discrimination is not “invidious discrimination” is an open admission that it is discrimination, you just happen to think that it’s justifiable. Clearly, that’s where the anti-civil rights forces went wrong… they should have argued that race-based discrimination wasn’t “invidious discrimination” and was therefore perfectly acceptable.

Many of America’s liberals have not only transformed into full-blown liberal fascists, they have reached a point of literal insanity from the Constitutional perspective. They’re now quite openly arguing that private individuals cannot legally discriminate while the federal government legally can. This is the exact opposite of the Constitutional position; one wonders just what they believe the Right of Free Association to be.