Liberal Fascism – Chapter 10
Next week’s quiz will be on the afterword, entitled The Tempting of Conservatism.

The wolves enter

The ELCA joins the Episcopalian church suicide pact:

After an emotional debate over the authority of Scripture and the limits of biblical inclusiveness, leaders of the country’s largest Lutheran denomination voted Friday to allow gay men and lesbians in committed relationships to serve as members of the clergy.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I know a lot of Lutherans. And I don’t think too many of them are going to continue to attend an ELCA-affiliated church now that actively practicing homosexuals are not only welcomed within the church, but to serve as church leaders. It’s now apparent that this sort of step became inevitable once Protestant churches began accepting divorcees and women in the pulpit. I wonder how long it will take before murderers, pedophiles, and open atheists are permitted as well?