Worse than Chamberlain

Gordon Brown is caught lying again:

The British government decided it was “in the overwhelming interests of the United Kingdom” to make Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the Lockerbie bomber, eligible for return to Libya, leaked ministerial letters reveal. Gordon Brown’s government made the decision after discussions between Libya and BP over a multi-million-pound oil exploration deal had hit difficulties. These were resolved soon afterwards.

Has there ever been a worse Prime Minister than the One-Eyed Liar? The amazing thing is that as bad as Blair was, Brown has proven to be even worse. One would be tempted to call him a traitor destroying his country, but then, perhaps he’s just a patriot wreaking Scottish vengeance on England.

How can one call him worse than Neville Chamberlain? Because at least Chamberlain only gave away Czechoslovakia to a group of continental fascists. Brown, on the other hand, is giving away Britain to a group of continental fascists.

Liberal Fascism – the Afterword

The 25-question final will be next Saturday and will encompass the book in its entirety.

Mailvox: force and marital rape

JB followed the logic:

At first I felt your argument was intuitively incorrect. Then it occurred to me that the use of force would still be prosecutable. A contract to sell your furniture does not give the other party authority to break down your door, beat and bind you, and take your sofa. While you haven’t mentioned this, I think it would mollify most.

I didn’t mention it because it was always completely obvious. The mere possession of consent to sex doesn’t grant the holder a license to kill, commit assault, or rob a bank. Nor was that ever a relevant issue, for as I pointed out in the comments to the previous post, the greater part of the nebulous “rape” arguments begin with a knife-wielding stranger breaking in and binding the victim and end with the “victim” saying that she felt she was coerced because the “rapist” looked at her with puppy dog eyes.