Obama voters vs WND

Megan Mcardle, who voted for Obama, likes the idea of boycotting the largest independent right-wing news site:

This strikes me as a very good idea. If the right ever wants to get back in power, it needs to start policing its lunatic fringe.

You’d think a woman who calls herself an “econoblogger” would be capable of doing basic math. I have no idea why anyone pays her any attention whatsoever, considering how reliably clueless she is about politics and economics alike. Her analysis is on the level of those who believe that the Republican Party must abandon social conservatives order to seek the support of one-fourth that many social moderates. Rockefeller Republicanism isn’t a viable political strategy, it’s little more than evidence of historical ignorance and innumeracy. It’s precisely the same incompetent strategery that advises embracing John McCain and rejecting Sarah Palin. And it’s the same sort of ideological “policing” that saw the Republican Party reject the only presidential candidate who foresaw the financial crisis and the failure of the occupation in Afghanistan, Ron Paul.

Commenters there have already pointed out the obvious: there is zero evidence that an ideological “lunatic fringe” harms the mass appeal of any political movement. And there is actually a fair amount of evidence to suggest that a hard-core ideological element tends to help the core cause by making the base look like a more reasonable and moderate compromise. As William F. Buckley learned to his obvious chagrin, ban the Birchers and the next thing that happens is you’re the one labled a crypto-Nazi.

As for the boycott, does anyone seriously believe that seeing some Obama voters and Republican squishes pointing fingers at WND in an attempt to curry favor with the moderate Left is going to harm it in the slightest? Considering how unpopular the present Republican leadership is with the Republican Party base already, it’s more likely to underline the independence of WND and assist its continued ascendance on the Right.

Liberal Fascism – The Final Exam

This is the final 25-question test. I would like to thank everyone who participated, especially those 150 or so stalwarts who persevered through what proved to be a particularly brutal winnowing process from the 5,000 or so who took the first quiz on the Introduction. This method of book study obviously isn’t for everyone, but I think it is quite safe to say that if you managed to participate throughout the 12 weeks and pass the final, you probably now know the contents of the text better than anyone except Jonah Goldberg himself.

I’ll be posting my post-study review of the book here later today; it might be interesting to contrast that with my initial review, in which I gave the book an 8/10 rating. But, I doubt those who participated throughout will likely disagree that a close and detailed reading of the book will force one to conclude that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. This is not a criticism nor does it detract in the slightest from the importance of the book, it is merely an observation based on reading through the book three times.

In any event, I hope that those who participated found this to be a worthwhile exercise; as before, my own level of participation in the discussion fell well short of my intentions. Fortunately, there’s seldom a shortage of intelligent regulars here willing to pick up the slack.