Prediction 3 is looking good

“3. The Federal budget deficit for 2010 will exceed the projected $1.17 trillion.”
December 28, 2009

It’s nine months too soon to declare victory, of course, but that prediction isn’t looking too bad as of January 13th.

The December figures bring to $388.5 billion the deficit for the first three months of Washington’s 2010 fiscal year. That’s on top of a staggering $1.4 trillion budget shortfall for fiscal 2009, more than three times the size of the deficit that the government ran in 2008.

In other words, the federal deficit is on a pace to hit $1.554 trillion in FY2010. Which is remarkably strange considering that we’re now six months into an economic recovery featuring 3.5 2.8 2.2% GDP growth. Say, doesn’t the GDP formula include government spending….

Animals spirits sink

The Market Ticker notes that consumer confidence is sinking:

There’s no good news embedded in here. Personal finances and the buying climate dropped by amounts matching their largest one-week change ever, possibly spurred by people getting their credit-card statements from Christmas (or simply reflecting on what they spent – and determining it was too much.)

Only nine percent rate the economy positively.

Shockingly, the news of the Federal Reserve printing massive profits for itself and bankers paying themselves huge bonuses hasn’t convinced people fearing for their jobs and cutting back on their expenses that all is well. And the whole “stock market advance as leading indicator” isn’t exactly the most convincing argument on offer in light of the fact that everyone can still remember what all the cheerleaders were saying when the Dow was over 14,000.

UPDATE – Speaking of animal spirits, Beau offers his services: “Against the backdrop of economic Götterdämmerung, I have some cheerful news that might pick up some animal spirits. beau.matchmakingservice -at- is ready to assist ilk wishing to discreetly make their intentions known to other ilk. Some of the more prolific posters certainly need no introductions, but in uncertain times animal spirits could perhaps use a boost. beau.matchmakingservice is available for regulars, irregulars and lurking ilk.”

Breeding Ilk… that’s all the world needs now.

Feline justice

A family is trying to figure out how their pet cat was summonsed for jury duty…. Anna filed for Sal’s disqualification of service. However, the jury commissioner was unmoved and denied the request.

I think the commissioner has it right. After all, the summoned cat is probably as capable of seeing justice done as the average American jurist.