Dante’s Inferno Cantos VIII and IX


Next week’s reading is Cantos X and XI

Mailvox: No greenhouse effect

Dominic updates us on the latest AGW/CC-related science:

Here’s a pair of physicists reviewing the issue. Don’t know if you’re aware of this particular paper yet, but it’s certainly blogworthy, at least. They basically prove, using straightforward physics, that there is no such thing as The Greenhouse Effect(TM). Heating in greenhouses is from trapped air, not trapped radiation, thus the idea that trace of amounts of CO2 reflecting solar energy back to the Earth rather than letting it escape the atmosphere causes a rise in temperature is unfounded. The Greenhouse Effect(TM) is a myth.

The physicists couldn’t be much more clear: “There are no common physical laws between the warming phenomenon in glass houses and the fictitious atmospheric greenhouse eff ect, which explains the relevant physical phenomena. The terms “greenhouse e ffect” and “greenhouse gases” are deliberate misnomers.”

I can’t say I’m surprised. Since global warming isn’t happening, the mechanisms that supposedly underlie it are presumably false. Notice the charge of “deliberate misnomers”. As with most lies, it’s seldom possible to stop with just one, which is why the truth will usually come out in time. And that’s exactly what is happening with the AGW/CC deception and all of the faux scientific falsehoods that have been used to sustain it.