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Atheist argument query

I’m in the process of putting together a tool that I think people may find useful in confronting aggressive atheists making spurious arguments. TIA has its place, of course, but the reality is that few people on either side of the debate are never going to read more than a few pages of any of the books that address the matter. Here are the seven New Atheist arguments that I’ve already addressed; you may note that I have chosen to select arguments that can be easily and graphically refuted utilizing empirical evidence.

Religion Causes War
Religion Inspires Violence
Religion Inhibits Science
Sam Harris’s Extinction Equation
Sam Harris’s Red State Argument
Atheists Commit Less Crime
Richard Dawkins’s Improbability of Divine Complexity

What arguments most demand attention in your opinion? Which arguments are most often brought up by the militant atheists of your acquaintance? Alternatively, if you are an atheist, what are the arguments that you feel most powerfully make the case for atheism?