Changing your mind

Jamsco admits to traveling at least part way down this process with regards to libertarianism:

Changing Your Mind: The Steps
(One route – in 16 parts)

1. Experience pride that you have your mind made up on the issue at hand

2. Hear the differing opinion of a person with whom you disagree (the ‘opponent’) and disregard it as crazy

3. Hear the differing opinion of the opponent – think ‘Okay, valid points, but still wrong’

I always find it interesting to watch as conservatives gradually move towards libertarianism. They say that a conservative is a liberal who has been mugged; in like manner, a libertarian is a conservative who realizes that the government is the biggest mugger of all.

WND column

Too Evil to Live

While much of the world news at the end of last week was focused on the sky-borne ash that has brought international air travel to a near standstill, another volcano erupted that may have more significant ramifications for the future of the American people. At last, at long last, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced it was going to take action against one of the bankster organizations responsible for the 2008 financial crisis. In fact, it was filing a lawsuit against the political capo dei tutti capi of Wall Street, Goldman Sachs.