At the Black Gate

The second part of the interview with Marc Miller, the designer of Traveller, is now up at Black Gate.  If you’re interested in creating your own Traveller-style little black books, there’s a neat little online tool with which you can do so.

If you missed it last week, the first part of the interview is also available.

UKIP in the UK

Peter Hitchens, a longtime Tory, explains why a victory for David Cameron’s Conservative Party would actually mean a terrible defeat for England:

I beg and plead with you not to fall for the shimmering, greasy, cynical fraud which is the Cameron project. You will hate yourself for it in time if you do…. He is truly what he once said he was – the Heir to Blair.

If he wins, he will – as the first Tory leader to win an Election in 18 years – have the power to crush all his critics in the Tory Party.

He will be able to say that political correctness, green zealotry, a pro-EU position and a willingness to spend as much as Labour on the NHS have won the day.

He will claim (falsely) that ‘Right-wing’ policies lost the last three Elections.

Those Tory MPs who agree with you and me will be cowed and silenced for good. The power will lie with the A-list smart set, modish, rich metropolitan liberals hungry for office at all costs who would have been (and who in the case of one of the older ones actually was) in New Labour 13 years ago.

And then where will you have to turn for help as the PC, pro-EU bulldozer trundles across our landscape destroying what is good and familiar and replacing it with a country whose inhabi­tants increasingly cannot recognise it as their own?

The Liberal Democrats? They agree with David. The Labour Party under exciting, new, Blairite Mr Miliband, heir to a Marxist dynasty?

He agrees with David, too. You will look from bench to bench in the House of Commons and see nothing but the people whose ideas have wrecked a great country in half a century, and who still won’t admit they’re wrong.

Britain is going to end up having to turn to UKIP anyhow, unless the EU collapses under the weight of its economic malfeasance before Cameron imports another 15 million Polistanis and forces Britain into the Euro. So, you might as well vote for them now.