Mailvox: Hollywood Game

Mr BAD had nothing better to do: I’ve decided to discuss movie characters according to the Vox Day Game chart.

Star Wars series
Luke Skywalker: Delta-Gamma. At no point in the films is he ever a leader personality. Even when he is giving orders he does so in more of a whine rather as a command. In Empire and Return of the Jedi, Han sounds surprised that Vader is after Luke, and that Luke is the one who is rescuing him.

Han Solo: Sigma. Han has everything it takes to be a great leader but would rather not have to deal with the problems that come with it. He does as he pleases, doesnt take crap, and no one can forget how Harrison Ford became an instant sex symbol when he returned Leia”s “I love you” with “I know”. He even has a Betta in Chewie following him around.

Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker: Gamma- Alpha. In the films Vader/anakin is a total Gamma. As a young Anakin he is whinny, and self important. I think this is mostly from the actor Hayden, but nevertheless Anakin is a Gamma. He wins over Padme by puppydog eyes and begging. I think if it hadnt been for her witnessing his badboy streak in killing the Sanpeople village, she never would have agreed to mary him. As a Jedi Knight he is still whiny and sefl important, although he has gained confidence, he is still no leader. As Vader he rules with fear rather than respect that comes from real leadership. As a Sith he is still bellow Mof Tarkin in Imperial rank. Only in the Clone Wars cartoon is Anakin portrayed as the dashing war hero described by ObiWon in A New Hope. In the Cartoon Anakin is a confident charismatic Alpha with a dark hidden wrath streak.

Obi Won Kenobi: Beta. Obi Won is confident, strong and capable but takes all his cues from his superiors. I dont know why ObiWon doesnt get more credit as being a powerful Jedi. He killed Darth Mual quickly, and the Jedi Killing Machine Grevious, battles a dark side powered Vader to victory, and held Vader to a stand still in his late 60’s.

Yoda: Alpha. yeah, he never had to convince anybody who was incharge. they just knew when he enetered the room.

Darth Sidious/Palpatine: Alpha. . He was able to lead boh sides against eachother until everything was weak enough for him to sieze total power. As a ruler/leader he does so because people are confident in his ability to lead and his choices.

The Matrix trilogy

Neo. Sigma. Through the whole series he coulnt seem more interested in making other people happy, he just does what he does. He always seems to want to be doing somthing else besides being the Messiah figure.

Mopheous. Alpha. Morpheous is the guy who leads by the power of his prescence and personality.

Agent Smith. Gamma. self important, goes psycho because he cant accept not having his way.

Conan the Barbarian. Alpha.

Rocky. Delta-Gamma. from the beginning to the end of the series Rocky is a loser who refuses to give up.

Fill in the blank Clint Eastwood role. Sigma

Lunch and the female vote

Dr. Helen linked to one of Amy Alkon’s readers asking her about the observed phenomenon of the different approaches to paying for a group bill utilized by the opposite sexes:

I am writing to see if you have insight or an educated guess on one of these oh-so-true stereotypes. If a group of men comes in to have lunch and maybe a beer, odds are pretty good that one of those men will pick up the tab. But, (ask any ten servers and this will be confirmed) if a group of women comes in, they will almost always ask for separate checks. It’s always cause for comment among the waitstaff if a group of women doesn’t ask for separate checks.

This is a phenomenon I have often observed myself. I haven’t read the long string of comments yet, but based on past experience of this sort of discussion, I guarantee you will find the following. 1) Several commenters of both sexes challenging whether the observation is correct due to the way in which they personally claim to behave and their failure to understand that there are always exceptions to the norm. 2) Several female commenters accepting the observation but claiming that the male behavior, which is obviously perceived as preferable by the waiters, is only exhibited due to some negative male quality such as the desire to score the waitress. 3) Several nonsensical defenses of the female behavior by female commenters. 4) Several comments by male commenters expressing excessive disdain, bordering on hostility, for the female practice. 5) And finally, it wouldn’t be proper discussion of sex/race differences without at least one cretin arguing that the observation must be untrue because everyone is the same and always behaves in the same manner everywhere.

Now, I tend to think the practice of calculating shares of a group bill is cheap and petty myself, but it’s of zero concern to me how or why other people prefer to pay as they do. If it happens to take six women 30 minutes on a Cray supercomputer to work out who pays how much, that’s perfectly fine with me. What’s of much more interest to me is to consider if this approach to group payment might be indicative of a similar mentality at work on a political level and if that mentality can reasonably be connected to a shift in the political economy since women were granted the right to vote. We know that the female vote has shifted the politics of the USA and other countries leftward, but is it possible that the shift is as much based on non-ideological, instinctive factors as open ideological differences?

If one considers the group check division mentality writ large, it tends to look not terribly unlike the taxing and spending approach of a modern democratic government. There is virtually no attention paid to the national budget as a whole, but attention is focused instead upon each individual interest group area as if it has no connection to the others. Note that I’m not saying that there is anything there, and democratic lobbying groups precede women’s suffrage, (although not by as long as you might think), it’s just an interesting thought to contemplate.