And the SWAT slaughter continues

As, apparently, do the police lies:

An attorney for the family of a 7-year-old girl who was killed by a police officer’s bullet during a weekend raid at their home said Monday that he saw video of the raid that contradicts the police department’s version of what happened.

Attorney Geoffrey Fieger said he watched three or four minutes of video that showed police fired into the home after lobbing a flash grenade through the window. He said this contradicts the police department’s story, which was that the officer’s gun discharged during a struggle or collision inside the home with the girl’s grandmother.

You know it is getting bad when people start automatically assuming that the police version is false. I don’t know about you, but it never even crossed my mind that the “struggle with grandma” story could possibly be true.

Ban SWAT. They are conclusively proven to be more dangerous to American children than al Qaeda, the Taliban, Iran, and pit bulls combined.

WND column

Tea Party Claims a Scalp

Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown’s surprise election was not an actual victory for the tea party. While it was an important symbolic triumph for the small-government movement, electing liberal Republicans is almost precisely the opposite of what is necessary for the tea party to see any positive legislative action toward its goals.

The defeat of veteran Utah Sen. Robert Bennett in the Republican primary is another matter entirely. Despite being an 88 percent party-line voter and possessing an 84 percent rating from the American Conservative Union and a 98 percent rating from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Bennett was soundly rejected by Utah Republicans. He was defeated by not one, but two candidates, which underlines the degree to which the primary voters have rejected not only the current administration’s approach to the financial crisis, but the Republican Party elite’s response as well.