A misdiagnosis

Fred goes somewhat astray in diagnosing Commentator’s Disease:

Liberal commentators want everyone to go to college, when about a fifth of people have the brains. Conservatives think that people can rise by hard work and sacrifice as certainly many people have. Thing is, most people can’t. Commentators only see those who made it…. The tendency of the Beltway 99th to live in an imaginary world, of conservatives to think that everybody can be a Horatio Alger, of liberals to believe that inequality arises from discrimination, guarantees wretched policy. Those who can do almost anything need to recognize the existence of those who can do almost nothing. Few of the latter are parasites. The waitress has worked all her life, as has the truck driver. They ended up with nothing.

First, Fred is mistaken in thinking that most of the commentariat possesses IQs over 140. Speaking as someone who actually does have an IQ over 140 and has suffered through numerous interactions with many members of the commentariat, most of them are barely Mensa material, if that. While Pat Buchanan and Charles Krauthammer are both highly intelligent, they are actually somewhat unusual; there is a reason that media figures seldom write more than two books that are little more than collections of their past columns. Furthermore, many of the books “written” by big name media figures are actually ghostwritten. For example, Rush Limbaugh’s second book was actually written by Joseph Farah.

Second, while Fred is correct about the liberal misapprehension regarding the utility of college education, there are few, if any, conservatives who think that everyone can be Horatio Alger. Fred, being somewhat soft-hearted, doesn’t understand that both libertarians and conservatives accept failure and have little desire to try to rescue people from themselves or the natural consequences of their bad decisions. This isn’t because they don’t know that life is hard, but because they understand the futility of fostering dependency.

Finally, abstract theory matters because its application has great effect on the lives of the elite and the great unwashed alike. And Keynesianism, in particular, matters because the long run has finally arrived.

Strategy games for starters

DB asks a reasonable question:

If you have time would you mind recommending a good strategy board game for someone who has only ever played Risk and Axis and Allies.

Ideally it can be played by only two people but can handle more if needed. I would like something that doesn’t take days to play, an hour or two, no more than three. A game whose rules can be easily understood by beginners. While I could probably pick up complicated rules fairly quickly those I play with may not be as oriented toward such thinking.

There are so many games out there that I don’t know where to even start looking.

My go to game for beginners is War at Sea by Avalon Hill. It’s simple, historical, and balanced towards the Allied player so it’s a good game to help a less experienced gamer develop confidence while learning the importance of anticipating an opponent. It also makes it very easy to understand why the Axis lost WWII. However, I’m sure others will have alternative suggestions.

There was no misstatement

There are suggestions that George Stephanopoulis may have spoken a little too quickly in correcting Obama about “my Muslim faith”:

In the [Israel Today] report, Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit was quoted as saying during an appearance on Nile TV that, “The American president told me in confidence that he is a Muslim.”

The White House remained silent on the comment, declining to respond to a WND request for comment.

Curiouser and curiouser… but the question is if this is simply Israeli disinformation being released due to their obvious displeasure with the Obama administration or a genuine statement from an Egyptian official who is confirmed to have met at least twice with Obama in the last two years. Perhaps someone at Fox should get Mr. Gheit on the line and ask him a few pertinent questions.

Given what we know of Obama, it wouldn’t surprise me if he intentionally misspoke. Even the most deceptive individuals can’t seem to resist advertising the truth about themselves to those who are paying attention.