Mailvox: Game and the Neophyte

BM is new to the concept of mechanistic socio-sexual science:

I have read a few of your blogs concerning game and found them rather interesting. I’m quite new to the concept of game and have a few questions concerning it. Just to start, I am a Christian and I am aware that the Christian worldview and game do conflict. However, considering the fact that I have only gone on a couple of dates in my life so far and I am often quite introverted, especially around women, I feel that at least a basic knowledge of game can serve to my advantage in meeting women.

My first question concerns a post you had titled “Exiting Omega.” In the post you mention that showing a certain level of “contempt” may serve to your advantage in talking to women. Just to make sure I understand you correctly, contempt in this context could mean a sort of indifference, right? How may I apply this “contempt” in a situation of meeting a woman?

My second and final question concerns my introversion around people. I was never a socially outgoing person, as social events tend to make me rather nervous and uneasy. This has played a huge role in my lack of ability to talk to people, particularly women. Applying game, how may I overcome this obstacle? Could being introverted actually be a plus, in light of “contempt,” as far as meeting women is concerned?

This is partially incorrect. The Christian perspective and Game perspective are not only NOT in conflict, they are virtually identical. This should be immediately obvious even to the neophyte observer, given that secular femininists actively loathe and fear both Christianity and Game, and for very similar reasons. There are only two substantive differences worth noting with regards to the areas where the two perspectives overlap, keeping in mind that Game has very little to say about the greater part of Christian theology and Christianity has very little to say about the details of applied Game.

Difference #1: Christianity describes the character of the fallen species of Man. Game describes the character of the fallen sex of women.

Difference #2: Christianity’s practical application is directed towards a specific goal, the continued santification and eventual union of the individual soul with the Creator through the medium of Jesus Christ. Game’s practical application is not directed towards any specific goal, the development and initial use of it by male pick-up artists notwithstanding.

Therefore, Game is merely a tool, which like every tool can be wielded for purposes both good and evil. Game is good when it helps a man establish and maintain his Divinely-appointed position as the head of his household. It is good when it helps a woman find contentment in her Biblically-defined role as a submissive wife. And it is evil when it is used for the purposes of fornication, adultery, or cruelty.

As for your questions, the indifference of which you speak derives from the form of contempt I mentioned. One may be very fond of a golden retriever, but one does not base one’s actions on the dog’s opinion. Introversion need not be even the slightest barrier to women feeling attracted to you; I fall into the INTJ category myself. What matters is how you behave towards them when they approach you, and how you behave on those occasions when you can be bothered to approach them. There are few things that intrigue a woman more than a man who looks at her as if she is an insect to be swatted because he is reflexively displaying higher value than her, therefore, only introverts can truly utilize the higher levels of indifference Game because they genuinely do not desire normal social interaction.

Here is a practical application. Indifference Game often plays out as some variant of this:

Two pairs of eyes meet. Woman’s eyes are calculating and tentatively dismissive, as per usual. The man rolls his eyes at the obvious signs of her hypergamous female nature, he laughs to himself, shakes his head and turns away. The shock of this “rejection”, which is in reality nothing more than a failure to provide an appreciative homage, inspires the woman to confront him. How dare he reject her! She is supposed to be the rejector, not the rejectee!

“Who do you think you are anyway?”
“I think I am someone who has no desire to engage in tedious small talk with vapid and uninteresting people.”

Now, even if the woman is a vapid and uninteresting person who has nothing more to offer than tedious small talk, it would harm her self-regard to accept the lower value that has been assigned to her. This inspires her to prove to the introvert, who has really done nothing more than fail to grant her higher value status, that she is worthy of his attention.

The reason Game is inherently complicated is that social value is both objective and subjective. Everyone understands the objective value of wealth, power and fame. But few understand the greater significance of subjective value, either in terms of economics or Game. And subjective value always trumps objective value.

As for talking to women in social situations, I recommend speaking slowly, clearly, and with small words of no more than three syllables. And whatever you do, don’t talk about science or anyone else’s beliefs. On a tangential note, this reminds me of one of my father’s most amusing comments. After returning from an evening at a black tie charity dinner, during which he was seated between two of the most garrulous women in St. Paul society at the time, he summarized his evening thusly: “Now I know what Hell is like.”

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