The power of hypergamy

Roissy moonlights as a romance advisor:

She wants to know whether to stay with her doting, all-around niceguy boyfriend or to dump him to take one more stab at trading up in the hothouse dating market of Manhattan.

(rubbing hands)

She’s come to the right place!

Reading between the lines what we have here is a girl who likes, perhaps loves, her boyfriend, but has recently been propositioned for a date by a higher status man (the CTO of [major bank]). Her sexual market options suddenly thrown into stark relief, her hypergamous instinct is kicking in and she is contemplating, via the sounding board provided by the residents of the stately countryside Chateau, whether her boyfriend is really all that she thinks he is, and whether her ego isn’t as big as it deserves to be.

Gentlemen, behold the awesome power of female hypergamy. You can be the best boyfriend in the world, (and judging by her description of him, he sounds like a stand-up guy with plenty of positive traits), but if a higher ranking man comes along and shows some interest in your girlfriend (or wife!), you can bet your last penny she will be unable to resist pondering the opportunity to trade up and the concomitant reevaluation of her own market worth that goes along with attention from higher status suitors.

I have to admit, this is a remarkable lesson in the reality of female hypergamy for the betas, deltas, and gammas of the world. This cold and rational calculation is how women who are capable of seeing beyond tomorrow evaluate long term relationships; their emotional, logic-free romantic front that they present doesn’t run all the way down or even particularly deep.

Roissy’s advice to her is sound, if slightly cruel. If she gives into temptation and breaks up with her boyfriend in order to grab for the brass ring of a CTO – stifles laughter at the female obsession with corporate titles – she’s going to be pumped and dumped in short order. And, of course, I always recommend that men steer clear of women who are drawn to the big city in search of alphasadventure.

UPDATE – Apparently the girl is real but the email is not, or something like that. Sounds like bitter gamma revenge, but who knows. For what it’s worth….


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